Burnt (2015) Review


So it was late last night and I really wanted to watch a movie, so looking through m collection I came across the movie Burnt. I really wanted to go and watch this in the cinema but no one I knew fancied going to see a cooking movie, so while also being hungry I started to watch and well you will have to read on to find out what I thought of the movie.


So there is one actor in this movie in which just about everyone body will know and that is Bradley Cooper, however even though he is probably the most well-known character in the movie there are two others that I would say are main characters as well and these are played by Sienna  Miller  and  Daniel Bruhl. So what was the acting like from these people, well in my opinion I think that Bradley Cooper did an amazing job, it was very easy to see the passion he had when cooking and when he was yelling at his staff for doing a bad job you could feel that he was upset not only with his staff but also himself. I also believe that Sienna Miller did an amazing job, she was struggling with a very stressful job and trying to make sure that her daughter was happy. When she wasn’t allowed the day off for her daughter’s birthday you could see that she was generally upset, and I am pretty sure I saw the disappointment in her eyes with her boss, who is Bradley Cooper. Now Daniel Bruhl was a different case, I didn’t see anything that I was overall pleased with as I don’t think he did anything that was all that difficult to act and was over showered by the amazing skills of Cooper and Miller.

When I first heard about this movie, and heard it was about a chef who had a restaurant in Paris I really thought we were going to have a movie based in Paris and I got excited, but instead we are shown the rainy city of London, Good Old Britain. So of course most of what we saw was London in cloudy weather at best if not then it is raining, I am struggling to remember if there was a sunny scene in the film and I only watched it last night. But that isn’t the main part of the movie, the part we spend the most amount of time in is the restaurants themselves. Which for me is a great thing as I personally have a love for kitchens and food so being able to see restaurant standard ones was amazing for me as it showed just what different type of restaurants have for kitchens and serving areas. So with that I personally think that this movie had the sets perfect, they even had a couple of scenes where Bradley Coopers character would be in the London market early in the morning making sure that the food was going to be perfect which just added to the realistic value of the movie for me.

So the main area in which a lot of people like about a movie the story, and for me the story was okay but not amazing as it was all a little bit to predictable. So Bradley Coopers character Adam Jones is a worldwide known chef in Paris with an amazing restaurant but he lost after a number of drugs and alcohol problems. So after losing his restaurant he punishes himself by shucking one million oysters and as soon as he does he will go find a restaurant and get his third Michelin star but to do so he has to prove to everyone he has changed since his Paris days and he get his own group of chefs together and work together like a family instead of doing it his own way. So I bet you can see where this is going, there is a hardship in the middle where he doesn’t get his star because he has changed from his old way and his friends ruins it for him, turns out they weren’t the people to give the star and it was all for nothing. He does get his star in the end because when he get the reviewers he is working with the rest of his cooks to do the best job possible.

So overall, I love this movie I enjoyed watching it the whole time. I don’t know if it was because it had amazing actors that made sure it kept my attention or the fact that it was something that I love and a movie was based on it, I know for certain it was not the story. But either way in my opinion I suggest that you watch this movie and tell me what you think so we can compare opinions

Acting – 90/100

Sorrundings – 90/100

Story – 30/100

Overall – 70/100


Movie review


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  1. Great review Aaron; I agree with your comments but my review is not quiet so generous as yours. But I had thoroughly enjoyable watch; btw, I’m now a follower.


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