The Maze Runner (2014) Review


So recently I have read the The Maze Runner and I did this because I really wanted to watch the movie but being the big reader I am I hate watching a movie before I have read the book. So with the book read and reviewed it was time for me to watch the movie and now I have so here comes the review and how it compares to the book.


So I like to start of my movie reviews with who I think where the good and bad actors in the movie, so in my opinion out of the very large cast used in this movie I only like 5 of the actors in as I think they are the only ones to do a good job. So I’m going to list the actors name who they played in the movie below.

  • Dylan O’Brien (Thomas)
  • Aml Ameen (Alby)
  • Ki Hong Lee (Minho)
  • Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Newt)
  • Will Poulter (Gally)

These 5 actors all did an amazing job and I loved watching them play the characters as for me they just seemed to fit them perfectly. If I had to choose the best actor out of the five then it would have to be Will Poulter as I think he did amazingly to play the part of Gally as well as he did. In the books he was a dick and I hated him from the second I had read about him but the way in which will played the character I actually liked him at first, of course he was still the bully but overall he was just doing what he thought was right and could help the rest of the people in the maze. However it wasn’t that part that made me like his acting skills in fact it wasn’t until the end of the movie that made really love his performance and that was where he was in the exit of the maze and talking about how they shouldn’t leave the maze and was about to shot Thomas. I just have to give him so much praise for that performance. But also in that scene was some of the worst acting I have seen in a movie and it was by Blake Cooper (Chuck) I hated the way that he played Chuck death it just didn’t seem like enough it was basically oooohh, I got shot here take this item and give it to my parents and then dead. In the book I felt so bad for Thomas after losing his best friend but in the movie I didn’t feel a thing if anything I was sadder that it looked like Gally had died.


I suppose I should mention the one actress that is in this movie and that is Kaya Scodelario (Teresa). Overall I don’t think she did enough in the movie for me to form any real opinion about her, in fact I can actually only really think of 5 scenes she was in and one of those she was asleep.

So how did the movie look, well it looked exactly how I imagined it would look after reading the book, which for me is fantastic. The grassy area with wooden houses surrounded by big concrete walls that move. Even when the maze was show it looked perfect and I couldn’t be happier about the way the set looked. However where it does start to let me down is when it comes to the grievers and this is because they are nothing to what I expected, I was expecting something bull kind of shaped that had multiple arms that came out of its body. So I do understand where the idea of the spider like creatures came from. But the main way in which the grievers travelled was by rolling into ball and coming after the Gladers that way, this never happened and I was kind of disappointed about it.


So the story of The Maze Runner is that a bunch of kids aging from 12-17 have all been out into an area that is surrounded by a maze and there aim to get out of the maze but they have got to avoid the grievers while doing so. Of course I have reduced the story down a lot here but that is the main premise but there is more I want to talk about the story and how the movie compares to the book. Right so story wise the movie is exactly the same as the book which is a good thing, all the major events happen and the movie does it well. However it is the other parts that let it down, by this I mean Gally didn’t use a gun to shoot chuck he used a knife, also Gally didn’t get a spear to the cheat Thomas beat him up through the rage he had after he killed Chuck. Alby didn’t get taken before they went into the maze, in fact Alby was the first person to attack the grievers in hope that it would distract them from going after his friends. There are so many more and if I mentioned them all then this would be a six thousand word review, I just wished that movie companies would copy a book exactly the way it was written and nine times out ten the movie would of gotten such a better rating then 5-6/10 it had received. I don’t agree with this ratings as I do think the movie is about a 7/10 as I enjoyed it but it did miss out a lot of the important little details that do make the difference to readers like myself when a movie has been developed from a book.

Acting -80/100

Surroundings – 80/100

Story – 50/100

Overall – 70/100


Movie review


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