Tunnel of Blood by Darren Shan Review

So I have now just finished book 3 of this series and I am really enjoying just how fast I am able to read the books and then being able to review them for you guys. So book 5 of Darren Shan for the year let’s hope for many more


The Story

Darren, the vampire’s assistant, gets a taste of the city when he leaves the Cirque Du Freak with Evra the snake-boy and Mr. Crepsley. When corpses are discovered–corpses drained of blood– Darren and Evra are compelled to hunt down whatever foul creature is committing such horrendous acts. Meanwhile, beneath the streets, evil stalks Darren and Evra, and all clues point to Mr. Crepsley. Can they escape, or are they doomed to perish in the tunnels of blood?

Taken from Goodreads

So how do I feel about this book, well I really liked it because there was a totally different setting and something new has been added to the story. We also take a look at just how much the relationship between Larten Crepsley and Darren Shan has changed since the first meeting. So as you can probably tell a lot if going to happen in 161 pages.

So in this book we have left the Cirque Du Freak as Mr Crepsley has got business elsewhere and it is something that is important, but he is not able to leave Darren Shan behind so he decides to make it easier by allowing him to bring Evra so he is not going to be lonely which Larten is doing his work. While reading this I started getting excited as I thought that the rest of the story would be at the Cirque Du Freak but with this new business that has come up it has changed how much of the story has become predictable and I loved it as it wasn’t even expected. Plus with the addition of Evra to the team that will be leaving Cirque du Freak it means we are able to follow how the change for Evra will be seeing how he has never been into a city before that didn’t mean he was with a circus.

Darren gets a girlfriend, an actual girlfriend and they seem so cute together I was sad that it had to end. In fact there were numerous moments where I thought that Darren would tell Debbie (Darren girlfriend) what he was and she would want to join him, unfortunately that didn’t happen. But it did show that Darren still had his soft side somewhere in him, and he has fully changed into the monster that he seems to think he is going to be. In fact the type of monster he thinks he is going to be is shown in this book and he does whatever he can to make sure that the monster can’t do anything about it. Let me introduce Murlough a vampaneze that has went mad and is attacking a lot of people in the city where Larten is born so that was the business that Larten has been doing. He has been doing everything he can to stop the vampaneze from hurting anyone in the city again. So you can say when I started to really get into the story I couldn’t stop and an hour later it turns out I had finished the book and again wanted to go straight into the next book but I stopped myself enough to write this review. I loved how so far in each book there has been a different setting yet the story still fits together so perfectly that you can barely tell that each different setting is a different story. This mean that Darren Shan did an amazing job to make everything fit so seamlessly.

So next part we go onto is the horror, and out of the three books in the series so far this is the best for horror and im going to say why, the suspense. For me watching a horror movie is not about how many jump scares there are or how many people are getting killed it is the build up that causes me to have nightmare. The thought of thinking what is going to come around that corner next and we have got no idea but when we get to the corner there isn’t anything there and the suspense builds it just something that scares the crap out of me. Darren Shan (author) does this so well in this book, the best example of this is when Darren is in the tunnel under the city and is on his own in the dark looking for Murlough, nothing jumps out until the last page but there is a good 2 pages where we are being told what Darren is doing and I really got scared for him.

So yet again Darren Shan has done an amazing job of putting so much story into so few pages and is really making it hard to stop marathoning the series in a matter of days as I need to write the reviews of each book afterwards as they are just so good. So this is another amazing addition to the series and it is something I recommend that you check out.




  1. Tunnels of blood is an amazing book. Remeber it was so damn hard to write a review instead of just going on with the next book. It was great that he killed murlough. Wester Flack deserved it even when we saw that he was a psycho.


  2. Hey wondered about something. Is this a webiste or a blog. thinking im going to make a wordpress homepage myself.


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