The Cabin In The Woods (2012) Review


So me and a few friends decided to have something of a movie night and my pick of a movie was Cabin in the Woods, the reason for this is because it is one of my all time favourite movies and a lot of my friends hadn’t seen it yet. So it is time to review another movie on my blog.


So who is in this movie, well there are mainly two major actors with those being Chris Hemsworth and Richard Jenkins. However it is Chris Hemsworth who is one of the main characters while the rest are Kristen Connolly, Anna Hutchison, Fran Kranz and Jesse Williams. A lot of these actors I have never heard of before but I am very happy to say that they played the roles in this movie very well and made me enjoy it all the more so. For me the best performance has got to go to Fran Kranz as I think he played the stoner role very well. In fact because of how well he played the role he has become one of my all-time favourite characters in the movie. He managed to make the stoner character become so much more interesting and funny then the average stoner, yes of course he does all the same stuff any stoner in just about any movie would do but there are those differences that he does that make him so much better. To make the movie even better I don’t think I could of chosen a better set of actors for this movie they all the played the part perfectly and even looked perfect for the part. This goes from Fran Kranz playing the stoner perfectly to Anna Hutchison played the blond slut amazingly (come on she makes out with a wolf head).


I have been going on about how good the acting is, well it got ruined in my opinion in the last scene and it was ruined by Kristen Connolly. She was basically dead, she had just been ripped open by a werewolf, but she is happily sitting on the steps with the stoner smoking a joint as if she had no care in the world. I’m sorry but if I’ve just been almost eaten by a werewolf I am going to be in a lot of pain and the last thing on my mind is smoking a joint. This does leave a kind of a sour taste in my mouth when referring about the acting in this movie as the rest was just so good but was let down by the ending.


This movie looked amazing and it had everything that you would want in a horror movie. A creepy setting? Check it is a cabin in the woods (hence the title) there is no one around, the closest person is a petrol station that is run by a guy who in touch with the people killing all the people in the cabin. Well how does the forest look? Well the forest looks pretty great, really dark old looking trees in the middle of the night it is very hard to go wrong here. Heck even the place where all the monster are kept looks great, all the screen that show the camera in and around the cabin just makes everything seem so much more realistic then it is. Which for a horror movie is perfect.


Now the story, well the story is just a stupid thing. The reason why these people are killing the main characters is because they need to follow a prophecy in order to please the ancient ones which are ancient beings that live underneath the crust of the earth and need to be entertained by humans so they won’t destroy the world. However they have got to do the killing in a specific order, and it is this order that makes a lot of sense when comparing it to a lot of other horror movies. Kill the blonde girl first, then the jock, fool, scholar and the virgin can either live or die as long as they suffer. If this wasn’t made into a horror movie it would be a terrible story line and something that I would of gotten bored with very quickly but with all the jump scares and suspenseful areas of the movie it just makes it seem better than it actually is.


So what is my overall score?

Acting -75/100

Surroundings – 80/100

Story – 40/100

Overall 65/100


Movie review


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