Lucy (2014) Review


So this has been on my to-watch list for quite a long time and I have only just came around to watching it, I even wanted to go and see when it was out in the cinema but for some reason in which I can’t remember I never did. So I have just finished watching it so read ahead to see what I thought of it.


So the two actors in this movie that made me want to see it are two of the best and biggest actors out there right now. Morgan Freeman and Scarlett Johansson, both are amazing actors and just about make any movie great and, in my opinion, they did an amazing job in this movie together. We have got Scarlett as the main character Lucy who is able to access parts of her mind that no other human has ever been able to do before because of a drug a Korean gang is trying to move around the world. Then we have got Morgan Freeman who plays Professor Norman who is the leading scientist on the brain, and they are going to work together in order to find out everything possible about the brain. Scarlett played the part her part amazingly, I can’t find a fault in her performance, from finding out what has happened to her and being all scared and wondering what is going to happen in the long run, to finding out she is going to be learning everything and is focused on nothing else. For me the best part of her performance was her eyes, as in the movie it showed us what it would look like to see all the cell phone signals yet she wouldn’t be able to see that while acting out the part but her eyes moved in a way as if she was looking at everything. Now onto Morgan Freeman, well he does what Morgan Freeman does best and make any role amazing, well kind of. I know that he is the leading expert about the brain but if someone is able to hack into my phone, TV and radio I don’t care how much of expert you are I would freak the fuck out, if not, at least, I would stand up and stare at the TV. This is a normal thing in this movie, where a girl is able to do unimaginable things with her mind and everyone acts as if this is a normal thing and just goes along with it. This is kind of let the movie down slightly in my opinion as I was expecting more of a freakout.Lucy-Morgan-Freeman-Scarlett-Johansson

Surroundings, well what can I say about this, the movie took place essentially everywhere. We had Korea, Germany, Italy, Britain, USA and the main area of all France. And each place looked great and seemed to fit so well with the movie. A lot of these places were all shown in the last 10 minutes of the movie when Lucy is using the whole 100% of her mind and is discovering everything about the world there ever was to know all the way down to the very first cell. Even though that all looked awesome is was the rest of the GCI that really helped the movie look so much more realistic, as it allowed us to see exactly what Lucy was seeing making it more realistic for the audience to watch. Whether this is the cell phone signals or the x-ray type skeleton when she touches someone. My favorite part was when she looks into the mind of Mr. Jang and the brain scene just looked amazing and just gave the movie extra points in this area.ofmebvruggf9fc2ddr6n

Now the part that can break or make a movie, the story. Well in my personal opinion this is just a rip-off of limitless and really the only difference is how much action is in this movie compared to limitless. Change the sex of the character and you basically have a very similar story that is only changed in certain areas. But don’t get me wrong I still see this as an amazing storyline, and even though it is similar to limitless, Lucy sort of makes it her own. The difference between the roles played by Bradley Cooper and Scarlett Johansson are very different and each makes their movies great in their own way. If Lucy made a few more changes in its story then I might be giving it a higher score but I don’t think I can.maxresdefaultkk

Overall great movie and it is something that I think anyone who has an interest in action or Sci-Fi should give it a watch. Great actors, good surroundings and a great storyline (too bad it is copied). If you have seen this movie then please comment what you thought of it and we can talk about it.

Acting – 85/100

Surroundings – 95/100

Story – 45/100

Overall – 75/100


Movie review


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