LIMBO Review

The last few weeks have been quite stressful at university with a lot of work being due in, in a small amount of time but now that is over I have had more time to play games and read again. So the first game I played and completed since that time was over was an indie game called LIMBO and now it is time for me to review it.

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The main character is a small boy looking character that we never find out the name of, and we first see him when he wakes up in the middle of a forest. His whole aim of his quest is to find his missing little sister. He doesn’t speak, in fact, no one speaks in this whole game, so that means there isn’t any character development but I found it almost impossible not to fall in love with the little guy. This became even harder once I finished the game and found out what his aim was and I just loved the guy. We control him as he goes through a number of puzzles and if he fails then he dies (which I did a lot) and all this is for his little sister.

Now there really aren’t any major villains but there are a few other humans that try and stop you by shooting dart or leaving traps for you to fall on, but in order to beat them then, you have to use the traps that you have just dodged in order to kill them. Possibly the main villain in this game is a large spider and by large I mean he is triple the size of the nameless boy. In order to defeat him you have to use bear traps and in the end, you rip his last remaining leg off him. Of course, with no talking, it was very hard to figure out why they were all trying to stop the boy and I still don’t know why they did and the game doesn’t really explain this.

So for a game that is just black white and grey, I couldn’t help but love the way the game looks as the colour pallet just gave the game a kind of horror vibe and made you want to play on in order to find out what is going to come next. I am very surprised in what the creators of this game were able to do with the 3 colours and, at first, I thought things would be hard to tell apart but thanks to different shades of the colours I didn’t discover a single time that this happened.

The story is very bare bones but that isn’t what makes the game great it is the music and the puzzles and actually making you think of a way in order to beat this game. You are a young boy who is going to travel through the forest in order to find his little sister and will go through puzzles and try and get past creatures and other humans who want to kill him. Like I said very bare bones but I didn’t need a good story to be great, the developers just made a good game that controlled very well and had an atmosphere that would make any gamer not want to stop playing.

The only problem that I could find with this game was that quite a lot of the time the music would stop playing for no reason. Even though the music was very quiet and sometimes it was barely audible you could still tell it was there and really helped with the game. But the only way I would be able to get the music back on was going to the menu and back into the game which was very annoying. I even tried closing the game and reopening it again and it was still a problem. Even though this is only a tiny problem it was still annoying to do.

Overall for me this is a great game especially seeing how it is so cheap as well as you are able to get it on steam for £3 on sale, or cheaper on G2A. I am going to give this game a 7/10 and if it wasn’t for the music glitch then it would have been an 8.
Comment below if you liked the game or not so we can talk about it


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