Big Hero 6 (2014) Review

Big Hero 6 (2014) Review


So I have never reviewed an animated film before so this should be fun. I was watching a few videos by cinemasins and one of the next videos to watch was Big Hero 6 but as I have never watched it all the way through I wanted to finish the movie before I watched this video. So the movie has been watched so its review time.


So this is normally the place where I would put how good I thought the actors were, well there aren’t any actors in an animated movie. So let’s talk about voice acting instead, I think that all the voices were all really suited to the character and are exactly how I would expect them to sound. Out of the main character my personal favorite in this movie where Ryan Potter (Hiro) and T.J. Miller (Fred). The reason for this is because you could really hear the hurt in Hiro’s voice when both Tadashi and Baymax died and I felt really bad for Hiro, and if it wasn’t for the amazing voice acting by Ryan Potter I don’t think I would have felt the way I did. It is a totally different reason for why I like T.J. Miller and that was because I think he made the voice of Fred sound kind of like a stoner character which in my opinion is how he looks like in the movie. So with the combination of the voice acting and the great design work of Fred he became my favorite character in the movie. Even though just about everyone’s voice in this movie was great there was one character I wished didn’t speak in the movie and that was Honey Lemon (Genesis Rodriguez). The reason for this is because I really hated her voice and, in fact, I didn’t like her character at all. She was just to high pitched and cute and she very quickly went from awhhh to dear god please just leave.BigHero6Team

So how did the movie look, well it’s coming from Disney so you know that it is already going to look amazing and well it was? The mixture of san Francisco and Tokyo was an amazing mix, a bit of modern in Tokyo and the beauty of san Francisco was just a fantastic mixture. However, in my opinion, the best look part of the whole movie was near the end when Baymax and Hiro went into the teleportation device in order to get Professor Callaghan’s Daughter. The way that inside the teleportation device looked was just wow and a lot of other animated movies could really learn from this. Just how well everything looked in HD with all the different colors it was just wow. Of course, we have got to talk about how all the costumes looked, well they all looked really great and future which seems to fit so perfectly with the rest of the movie that it all just work wonders. However again there is one costume that didn’t fit in with the rest in my opinion and that was Fred’s, everyone has sort of a suit of armour style to their suits and then Fred was a lizard but seeing how Fred wanted to be a lizard from the start of the movie and was in fact first seen in a lizard suit ill let him off I think.


So the making of any good movie is the story, you can have every other part be amazing but if the story is a let down then its just not a good movie. Big Hero 6 had a predictable storyline but overall it was still a great story. We follow Hiro who lives with his aunt and his older brother. Hiro is a genius and graduated high school at the age of 13 and is obsessed with robots and even competes in robot fighting competitions. However after almost being beaten up his brother takes him to the university where he studies and shows Hiro everything that the place has to offer making Hiro want to go there. After doing his best to develop something amazing in order to be accepted into the university and doing so with his microbots the building where the events were being held has been set on fire, in the building was the professor who accepted him and his brother who went to go and save the professor. We find out that both of the have died in the fire and, of course, this leave Hiro distraught and no longer wanting to go to university anymore. Well, that was until he finds out that his last remaining robot has been activated and is looking for the rest of the bots, but they were all destroyed in the fire, well so people thought (see what I mean by predictable). I’ll leave it there but it is pretty easy to guess what is going to happen with the rest of the story.

Overall this movie looks amazing especially the design of the suits and the teleportation part. Even though the story is predictable it still managed to keep my attention and made an overall happy movie watching experience.

Voice acting – 80/100

Animation – 90/100

Story – 50/100

Overall – 73.33/100




  1. Big Hero 6 is a hit in our house. Plus, there’s the whole thing where they actually showed that it was okay for young men to be depressed, and grieving. They showed that it was treatable, and not something you could just magically get over. I loved that message 🙂

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  2. I loved every minute of Big Hero 6, especially the San Fransokyo city. the combo between San Franciso and Tokyo was an awesome idea! I’ve been checking out some of your stuff and I have a personal challenge for you, if you’re up for it. Its a bit of a critique, but I think it will improve your writing, if you’re interested…


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