Sorcerer’s Apprentice (2010) Review

Well as of writing this it is 3 in the morning and I have just finished watching the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, I have got no idea why I started to watch this movie other than the fact that I had watched it when it first came out and I just fancied seeing if I still liked it as much as I did back then. So read ahead to see what I think of the movie.01_Sorcerers_apprentice_standee_fin4_simp_1900x1200

Well if you look at the 4 main actors in this movie then you have got a mixed bag, we have got Teresa Palmer, Nicolas Cage, Jay Baruchel and Alfred Molina. So some big name actors in there, but the biggest has got to be Nicolas Cage. However he is not known for his amazing acting ability and I can say that out of all the movies that I have seen him in I only really think he did well in one of those and that was con air. That includes this movie, he just doesn’t seem to fit with the movie at all, there are some parts where they try and introduce some comedy into the movie and it just seems so awkward when it is Nicolas Cage who is doing it. The only time his acting becomes decent is when he telling Dave (Jay Baruchel) what he needs to do in order to become a great sorcerer. I know Teresa Palmer from I am number four so it was a shock to see her in this movie but she did a hell of a lot better than Nicolas Cage did as I was able to see how she at first thought that Dave was a bit weird but he was slowly starting to grow on her. I could also see the fear in her eyes when she was captured by Horvath as she had no idea what was going on so that almost makes up for the bad acting for Nicolas Cage. Now it is time for the main character in the movie and that is Dave who is played by Jay Baruchel, and in my opinion, if he was aiming to be the nervous geeky dude who in the end comes out to be a major badass with his magic ability then he played this part amazingly, I love the way that he stumbles over words in areas where any normal person who do the exact same. I know the movie is about magic and men who have lived 100 of years but still it add to the realism in the movie. And finally, we have got Alfred Molina who played the main bad guy in the movie Horvath and, he did act a lot better than Nicolas Cage but still it was nowhere near as good as Jay and Teresa. I just didn’t really like the way Horvath was played, he was supposed to be this bad guy that everyone was meant to fear but the only time he seemed to scare anyone was when he captured Becky. For me, the acting in this movie was let down by the two older character and if it wasn’t for Jay and Teresa then this movie would have been a total let down.
So how did the movie look, well as it was filmed in New York well it looked great and added to the point of the story with magic still be used in the 21st century? Even though I loved the way that New York looked in my own personal opinion my favourite setting has got to be where the battle in the Chinese parade took place. I just loved the idea of magic being used in such a populated area and how a lot of the time the people who were watching the parade just assumed that everything was part of the parade, well that was till the dragon came to life. For me, I loved the underground setting where Dave would work on his tesla project, but it then goes from being the science area to the magic area and for me it just seemed to work very well.

Now story time, this movie is basically trying to get people to believe that magic can still happen in the 21st century. The main story is that there is an evil wizard called Morgana and she can only be stopped by Dave who is the prime merlinan. So it is up to Balthazar to train Dave in order to make sure he is powerful enough to stop her. Which surprise surprise happens at the last possible second when they are all in danger. So the story is pretty good and I did enjoy it as I was wondering what was going to happen next especially with the relationship between Dave and Becky. I kind of guessed from the beginning that Dave was going to save the world so the only time that anything was a surprise in that area would be when Horvath showed up.

Overall this movie is technically okay not great but not bad, but for me I loved this movie there was just something about it that made me like the movie more than it deserved to be liked. I just wish a different actor other than Nicolas Cage was used.
Acting – 50/100
Surroundings – 60/100
Story – 50/100
Overall – 53.33/100

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