The Talos Principle Review

So in one of the bundles from humble bundle monthly I got this game, at the time I had never heard of this game and was kind of disappointed that I had received it. Well I have just finished playing the game and I think it is time for a review.



There are technically 3 characters in this game but you only get to see one of them and that is the character that you control. The character you control is a robot and your job is to pass the trials that have been set up for you by Elohim (one of the other characters and is the reason why you are doing everything in this game to please him). The robot which doesn’t get named throughout the game so I have decided to call him botty for ease. There is no character development from botty as he doesn’t speak and it is you who makes all the decisions, do you decide to go up the forbidden tower or do you decide to follow the path in which Elohim has given you to follow. Even though botty doesn’t say a word Elohim does and he speaks quite abit as well, it is because of this that you do see some development in him. This is noticed when you start progress through the game as you says that you might have some potential especially if you don’t follow the path up the tower. However if you do decide to go up the tower then when you come back down he will tell you that you shouldn’t do that as it will break your faith.

I have yet to mention the other character and that is because she is a lot like Elohim and is only a voice, and you only hear her when you collect her voice files, and she sounds a lot like what you will be thinking while playing the game. At first she trust Elohim but after a while she starts to drift off and starts to wonder what is going to be in the tower and should she climb it. When it is coming nearer to the end of the game she then starts to sound really stressed and seems like she just wants to get everything other with as quick as possible.

I did like the characters in this game but I always prefer it when the main character at least says something to help with the story line and we don’t even get to see the other two characters so that also is a bit of let-down. It is because of that this part only get a 6/10


At first I was not impressed with how the game looked, this is because I have seen so many other games that have got similar designs. My opinion did change as soon as I started advancing in the game and seeing how other levels were looking and I was starting to get quite excited looking at other levels as I wanted to see what the designer’s did with the harder levels. The bright colours of the red and blue lasers added a lot to the levels as it made it a bit easier when it came to solving those parts of the puzzle and you could clearly see where it was going to go.

The first set of levels had a very plain grass and brick level design and was the reason why I wasn’t impressed at all with how the game looked but when the levels started to open up and we could see outside then that is where the game started to become its own. The game becomes a work of art at this point and I couldn’t help myself and I had to stop playing and just look at everything, the lens flare that you got from the sun was amazing and I have struggled to find a game that can do something like that since Bioshock.The-Talos-Principle-and-a-Fear-of-Puzzles-469550-2.jpg

I give this section 9/10


I have never been a very big fan of puzzle games, the only other one I have really played that I would consider to be part of the puzzle genre are Portal and the Legend of Zelda series. This means that my puzzle solving skills are a terrible but I did find that the more I played the game, even though the puzzles where getting harder I was finding myself being able to solve them better than I thought. This is because of the learning curve, they will introduce a new part of the game such as using fans but they won’t add anything else until you have become familiar with fans and how they can be used with other pieces of equipment.

The game also controls very well, this is in both sprint and walking mode. I will admit it took me a few trys with the sprint mode to get as comfortable as I was with walking but after that I barely ever walked as it just seemed far too slow. When picking up items it was very responsive and I only missed clicked a few times but nothing that would ruin a game for me.

I give this section 8/10


One of the most important part of a game is making sure that the music is right for the game, and when a game does that then it is a great starting point to making a fantastic game. I am very happy to say that The Talos Principle did really well in this area, they made the music fit perfectly for this slow paced game. I spend a lot of my time playing games listening to my own music because I get bored of listening to the same song while gaming but in this case I actually enjoyed it and I think it really helped with the overall atmosphere of the game. The slowness of the music allowed you to think about the puzzle but not be quiet enough that you don’t notice that it is there.

I give this section 9/10


For me this is a great puzzle game that really makes you think about what you need to do in order to proceed into the next level of the game. Then there is a pretty decent story that has got multiple endings for you to try and find to add to the re-playability of the game. With the great art style and the fantastic music then this game is just a great play and you won’t regret paying the £30 for the game.

Overall this game gets an 8/10



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