Deadpool (2016) Review

I have been wanting to see this movie since it came out but haven’t been able to do so until the 1st of March. I managed to avoid spoilers until then, as I have now watched the movie it time for my review of the movie.



When I first heard that it would be Ryan Reynolds who would be playing Deadpool, I will admit I was very disappointed. I had no ideas of my own on who should play the role but after seeing green lantern I wasn’t looking forward to that part of the movie. I am very happy to say that Ryan Reynolds put in, what I think is the performance of his life. He did such an amazing job in this movie and I can now see why he was picked to play such a role, I have read the comic books of Deadpool and seeing the way in which Ryan Reynolds portrayed him was exactly how the comics did. He was funny exactly where he needed to be and even when it was a serious scene there were still bits that were funny, but he made it seem like it fitted so well. I wouldn’t say there were anymore main character other than Deadpool but there were a few that made a few appearances. I did like the way in which Francis – Ajax – (Ed Skrein) was played, the good old British villain was just perfect for this movie. He did a really good job being the psycho villain who liked to torture people. In my opinion, he did his best work in this movie when it was showing the origins of Deadpool as I will admit I would have been terrified if I knew it would have been Francis who would be working on me.

Overall the acting in this movie was really great and I am finding it hard to find something wrong, this means I have to give the acting 10/10




A soundtrack in a movie is possible the third most important thing behind the acting and storyline if a movie has got a bad soundtrack then it is possible that the movie is going to bad as well. However Deadpool had what in my opinion is the best soundtrack in a superhero movie so far (expect maybe Guardians of the galaxy), it has got the perfect fast-paced music when the action scenes come on and then when a serious scene is on then it is a slight slower but also less noticeable. This makes for a better viewing experience, when I got home from the cinema I checked the soundtrack and added almost all of the songs onto my own Spotify playlist so I am able to listen to the great music again and again.

Again I loved the music in this movie and I couldn’t find a fault with this part of the movie either. 10/10


In my opinion, get effect such as CGI done right is possibly the hardest thing to do in a movie, if not done right then the movie will look terrible however if done right the movie would look amazing. All expect one part of this movie, the effects were amazing and it was really hard to tell if they had been faked or not. The one part of the movie where the effects weren’t the best was in fact right at the beginning, the part that showed me this was when the guy was hanging out of the back of the car was being dragged along. For me this just didn’t look great and in fact could have been done a lot better, if it wasn’t for the rest of the movie being great I’m sure this would have made my overall opinion very different.



I love the story in this movie, it gives everyone who is into superhero movies a lot of information on what made Deadpool the mutant he is. It has his origin story on how he became Deadpool but not only that but it has also got I’m going to kill the guy who did this to me story and near the end also give me back my girl. It has literally everything anyone could ask for in a superhero movie, but that is also my complaint with the film. The was too much happening in the story at one time, during any event there could be a flashback into the origin of Deadpool, which I did like as it was written really well but I think they could have just made a movie from the origin alone as it was both funny and exciting just like the rest of the movie.

So other than to much happening in the movie, it still made it very interesting to watch and I loved it 8/10DEADPOOL


This movie is fantastic and is possibly one of the best movies of 2016 already. It has got great acting, great music almost perfect effects and a pretty good story line. If you like action and comedy then you have got to go and see this movie as I can guarantee you that you will love it.


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