One Finger Death Punch Game Review

This is a game I have been playing a lot of this last few weeks but never for long periods of time, well that was until yesterday where I spent 3 hours just playing this game. Now I have finished the game and it is time for me to review it.header


There is no story in this game and is a simple beat ‘em up game where you go through a map and try and get through each of the levels that come at you until you get to the final boss level where you will face 2 bosses and after that you will be given the choice of stop playing the game or replaying the whole game on a harder difficulty.

0/10 as there is no story


The characters in this game are all stick figures and as the creators of the game tell you they are based of the men’s toilet symbol, as far as stick figures go they are pretty good and they most of put in a lot of work to make this game be as smooth it looks, especially when there are so many characters on the screen. While playing this game I didn’t notice a single bit of lag at any point or any jumped animations.

The backgrounds even though they were still pictures were pretty good as well, it allowed for a better gameplay experiences in my opinion instead of just the same background on every level, if you are playing a special level then it will be given its own background image and in some cases an animation will be played if you get down to half the enemies remaining which will mean the enemies are going to start coming at you faster.

The map it;s self is pretty simple with what just like levels dotted all over the place, the only way you can really tell if you are progressing is when you get an achievement for when you reach the map that has the lava on it.

Visually this game is great to look at for just how simple it really is  8/10


Well this game has a gimmick and it is what makes the game as good as it is, you only need to use two fingers. Yeah, I know that means the title makes no sense, yes technically you can use 1 finger but it is almost impossible to do so, if you are using a mouse then two fingers are needed and I recommend using a mouse as using keys just isn’t fast enough.

When using a mouse this game is a great challenge and slowly starts to get harder the more you play which means you need to learn the controls and how to click in a rhythm pretty quickly.

Navigating the map is a bit of a problem though, you are able to click on a level and then start to play the game but if you want to go to a different path of the map you have to use your arrow keys to move around the map which for me just seems a bit of an inconvenience seeing how nothing else is used with the keys.



The music in this game is exactly what you would expect in a fighting style game, it is influenced by Chinese music. Well whatever music I did listen to while playing the game was, I spent a lot of my time just listening to my own music as I thought it helped me play better. The music, in my opinion, doesn’t really match well with the gameplay, there are some parts of the game that go very quickly and require you to focus on what you are doing but while this is happening the music doesn’t change and it annoyed me, if it is a fast paced part of a game then you should expect some fast paced music to go along with it.

Music 6/10


I enjoyed this game, but I know I enjoyed it a hell of a lot more when I only played 5 levels at a time and then went and played something else. After playing for 3 hours in a row I got bored and just wanted to stop playing, if I wasn’t aiming to have it completed in that session then I wouldn’t have carried on playing. The game plays really well and a lot of people would enjoy playing this game more than I did, this just isn’t my type of game and the lack of story was a bit of a let-down. My overall score for this game will be 5.75/10

Game Review


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