Pokémon Yellow (GB/3DSVC) Review

So it has been Pokémon’s 20th year anniversary and the way they celebrated it was by releasing Pokémon Blue, Red and Yellow on the 3ds virtual console for £8.99. of course you know that I had to go out and buy the game as it was the first game I ever played on my Gameboy and I wanted to see if the game is as good as what I remember it being.



Of course as this is a Pokémon game it has got the same story line as basically any Pokémon game. You are a 10 year old boy/girl who has been given there first Pokémon and you have been given the task of completing the pokedex and taking on the gym leaders and eventually taking on the Pokémon league. However during your adventure you come across a team of bad guys called team rocket and it is up to you to stop them and make sure they don’t take over the world.

So the story is pretty terrible and the only time it is even gets a little bit exciting is when you battle team rocket but you only do so twice and even then I am pretty sure they are only there so the game can give you some extra trainers to battle against.

For me the story is terrible and is probably one of the worst in a RPG game I have come across and the worst part is the Nintendo and gamefreak have been using the same story line throughout all of the Pokémon game with only a little bit of expectations here and there. So for me the story is only getting a 2/10


Of course this game came out 15 years ago on a handheld consoles that didn’t even have a backlight so I can’t be too hard on this part of the game but there are some points that I think need to be made.

The Pokémon sprites are just terrible, almost all of the Pokémon are on colour, and if it was all the Pokémon that were one colour then I could say it was because of the limitations of the game but there aren’t some Pokémon have got 2-3 colours in there scheme so why can’t they do that with more Pokémon to make the game look a lot nicer?

Pokemon yellow is the newest version of the first gen games as it is the only one with colour and updated sprites to make them less scary, and I will admit comparing them to the Red and Blue sprites there are a big improvement as they actually look like the pokemon they are trying to represent instead of some scary version that looks closer to dog poo then the pokemon.

The world itself is pretty big and has a lot of places that you can go around and it will take you a while to see everything, the best part is that there is very little backtracking so you wont be seeing the same place again and again (well unless you want to)

Overall visually this game is okay, no where near as good as it could but it is still better then Red and Blue so it gets a score of 4/10


This game plays just like every other Pokémon game and that is very well, the only exception to this is with the moves in the first generation. By this I mean there are certain moves in which make you unable to move for multiple turns and if you have got a status element like burn or poisoned this will cause you to lose a lot of HP before you can even use a move. Another bad part about this gameplay is with sleep, this is because it takes a whole turn to wake up and it just wastes yet another turn in the battle.

The game does play well, there are no problems with the movement of the character or with how the text and world come onto the screen so I can really fault it there, and this means I am giving this game a score of 8/10 for gameplay


I listened to the music of this game right up to the first gym and then it really started to annoy me and instead I went and played some remix versions of Pokémon songs instead as I just preferred the much more. The music just seemed so static to me and at first I did think it was something to do with my 3ds but I played another game on the VC and it sounded perfect. The sound of the moves were also annoying to listen to so I just gave up on the music as a whole. The final score for this game is 1/10


I finished this game and below I will show you all the pictures I took after I beat the game such as my final levels for the Pokémon and how long it took me to beat the game and so for. By the end of the game it felt like I was forcing myself to keep playing and I have never felt that way when playing a Pokémon game, so I don’t know if it is just me maturing with my gaming choices or the fact that this game is just generally not very good and is a big disappointment for my nostalgia. Overall I am going to give this a game a 3.75/10 as it just wasn’t a good game and I don’t recommend you buy this game.



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  1. Pokémon is an interesting phenomenon and it has come a long way since its first incarnations. I think your assessment is fair relative to the current state of games and (probably) your youth. (I grew up in a time when a handheld console with no backlight was the norm and fully enjoyable.) If this is the first game you played on Game Boy, you are lucky! When it was new, this game was awesome! And as a fan of the cartoon, it was so cool to have Pikachu follow you around. Here we are, many years later, and the game hasn’t aged well. Newer generations of gamers aren’t going to be a receptive to a lot of the nuances of this title, such as the classic RPG elements and the monochrome-like colors. Although, back in 1998, this was the must-have title. This review is a good take on a title once lauded as great that was likely re-released to play on the whole nostalgia vibe. Personally, I don’t find this or Red/Blue enjoyable anymore.


    • I can honestly say I spent hundred of hours playing this game between the ages of 5-7 and I loved it but I haven’t played it properly since then and my memories where so much better then the game. I think it’s the development of the rpg genre that has changed my view on games and how my favourite series has changed from pokemon being two very different games.

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