Brothers to the Death by Darren Shan Review

I could of chosen any of 3 different serieses to finish when I was choosing which book to read next, the only way I could decide which book to read was to use a randomizer and it came out with Brother to the Death. It is a book I wanted to read as soon as I finished the 3rd book in the series but my TBR was getting a bit large. Book finished which means it is review time.


The Story

After years of wandering, Larten has finally found his way back to his vampire family and resumed the vigorous, brutal training to become a General. But there are vampires determined to pull Larten into starting a war that could have global implications and casualties. Vampires who will stop at nothing. Vampires who would betray Larten in the most cutting way.

Taken from Goodreads

I have read this book before but I did so in 2012 so I have forgotten a lot of what happened and it is a good thing that I did because if I remembered every part of the story I don’t think this read would have been as good as it was. This is mainly because of the massive twist that comes at the end of the book, if I remembered that ending then I am pretty sure that this book would receive a lower rating than what I gave it on goodreads.

Like all books from Darren Shan it was written amazingly, and it didn’t focus so much on the horror aspect or even the fantasy aspect it just focused on concluding a fantastic series with a great ending, something that a lot of authors are not able to do. For me this final book in the series has got to be one of the best finale I have read in my life, it easily makes it onto my top 3 lists.

It was written in such a way that it makes you just want to keep reading to see what will happen in Larten’s life, will he become a prince like so many people think he will or will something happen that will cause he to repeat mistakes like he did on the boat to Greenland. I am not going to ruin anything for you but I do suggest you read this series.

I think what I love most about this series is how short the books are, we are taling sub 300 pages on all the books, this doesn’t mean it is lacking information it just means that Darren Shan is that good of an author he doesn’t need to put in a lot of filler to make the story seem longer then needed. With a lot of book there is a lot of filler to make them last longer or just something extra that needs to be explained. It is very rare that you will find this in a Darren Shan book and it is what I love about his serieses.

What I liked most about this book is that it uses WW2 to a great standard and shows people that Vampires aren’t monster and it is shown by there disgust of the Nazi and I think it was a great idea to have this included in the series.

Overall for me this is a great ending to an amazing series and it is something that I recommend anyone of any ages you go out and buy this book (£3.99 on amazon) and give it a read just to be able to read a fantastic book.



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