My Tattoos

For a long time now I have been a lover of tattoos and I love seeing people in the middle of the street who have them as a lot of the time they are some really cool ideas and it just makes me want to add more to my little collection.

For me personally I use tattoos to express myself, so that means most of my tattoos have got a meaning. Of course I am going to be getting some tattoos that I have gotten because I really like the artist that has designed them.

DSCF9028.JPGThe first tattoo I ever got was on my arm and it was my Nana and Grandad and the date I moved in with them. This is my favourite tattoo as without my Nana and Grandad I probably wouldn’t be alive today without them. Below that tattoo is another one I got which has been written in the same font and it is going along with the semi colon movement, my Nana went through some pretty tough times not long after me and my brother moving in and I could see how bad she was getting but now she has powered her way through and became on of the two people I respect most in the world (my grandad is also the other person in that list) . The newest tattoo is the semi-colon but with Your Story Isn’t Over Yet in between the full stop and comma.(the bottom part is still healing)

My second tattoo is one that I got because it has a meaning but I also really love the design DSCF9052.JPGof it. This tattoo is BMO (from adventure time) in front of a dagger saying who wants to play videogames. When I first moved into my nana and Grandads gaming became a big part of my life as it would be a way for me to distract myself from my own life and instead focus on the life of the character I was playing as. It was while I was looking through Pinterest I found this guy and I simply loved from that moment on.

My 3rd tattoo I got within my first week of university and it is a spaceship I got on my right bum cheek, quite a lot of the time I forget it is even there as I barely see it. However it is really nicely done and even though it doesn’t have a meaning of sorts I can still say it represents my love of Sci-fi, I have even came up with getting an alien on the other cheek saying where is my space ship but I might wait till next year to get that one done. (Sorry wont be uploading a picture of my bum)

DSCF9067My 4th tattoo I got is my watercolour books on my left leg, now this one has got a similar meaning to the BMO on my other leg. When I wasn’t playing games I would be reading and doing the same thing trying to avoid thinking about my own life but instead focusing on the main characters life. I had been a lover of the water colour design for a while so when I was thinking what my next tattoo would be I knew it would have to have a water colour design on there somewhere.

My final tattoo (for now) is my two arrows on my shin, I got these for a few reasons. The DSCF9057first reason is because I have loved the arrow design for sometime and had been thinking about getting a similar design for some time now. It wasn’t until Abby mentioned that Sagittarius can be represented by arrows and seeing how I was born in December it now has a meaning. (Sorry this one is still healing)

Those are my 6 tattoos as of April 5th and I do plan on getting a lot more so I might be doing more posts sometime soon. Before I finish I want to thank Abby a lot for her amazing photographs she had taken and you can see some more of her skills at


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