Batman Vs Superman Dawn of Justice Review


When I come home from university I always end up going to the cinema with my friend Abby last time I was home we went to see a movie called The Danish Girl, it wasn’t something I was looking forward to but this time It was Batman vs Superman time so you can bet I was excited (might have been a little of put because of the reviews). Now it is time for my review of the movie.


I bet you can’t guess how the two main characters in this movie where called? Obviously it was Batman (Bruce Wayne) and Superman (Clark Kent), but there was a third main character and that was the villain of the movie Lex Luthor. When this movie was first announce a lot of people could already guess what was going to happen, Batman and Superman where going to disagree on something and then fall out to the point where they both try and kill each other until something will bring them together in order to save the world. I bet you can’t guess what, that was the whole plot to the movie but the way the three characters where in this movie I started to really like them, especially Batman.


The difference between batman and superman is that, Superman is an alien being with super strength, able to fly and can shoot lasers from his eyes. Batman is just a rich man who bought a suit that hides his identity and adds a bit of protection but has been trained in martial arts in order to fight his enemies. The way that Batman was not only able to hold his own, he used Superman’s weakness against him and in a straight up fist fight Batman won and almost killed him. They had to join together in order to stop Lex Luthor killing Superman’s Earth mother.

For me the best character in the whole movie was Lex Luthor, that’s not because I personally like his character it is because the actor who played him – Jesse Eisenberg – I personally believe that he put in the performance of the year and in my own personal opinion he was on the same par as Eddie Raymond in Theory of Everything. The way he was able to play the two different sides of Lex Luthor and do it so well was simply breathe taking. After the movie Abby said the same thing about the acting from Jesse Eisenberg.

The way the movie looked was perfect in my own opinion, when anything to do with Batman comes around I always expect it to be dark and just on this side of horror and a lot of this movie was set at night time where the Dark Knight is able to do what he does best. A lot of the reviews I have seen on this movie keep saying about how dark it was but making it seem like a bad thing. When people think of superhero movies they automatically think of the marvel characters which are slightly more light hearted and try and put a bit of comedy into their movies. DC is nothing like that and especially with Batman, who out of the major heroes is possibly one of the darkest there is.

I suppose I better mention Wonder Woman as well seeing how she comes into the movie quite late into the movie she is still one of the main characters. I personally avoided as many trailers and spoilers as possible for this movie so I didn’t actually know who was going to be playing wonder woman so it wasn’t until Batman had gotten onto Lex Luthor’s computer that he found out about the 4 meta-humans and one of them was a recurring woman. Wonder Woman is played by Gal Gadot and I think she plays the amazon very well, when battling Doomsday she seems to really enjoy the battle and you can see the look of worry on her face when she realises that she is not going to be able to defeat the monster without kryptonite. Just because of the fact she is not in the movie as much as the other three characters I can’t really comment on how good she was compared.


For me the main down part has got to be the overall story of the movie as it was just so predictable and people where guessing what is going to happen long before the first trailer has even been realised. I would have liked more twist and turns, just something to keep the people who thought they knew everything on the movie on their feet. Abby who isn’t into the Superhero stuff as much as me, was even able to guess what was going to happen at specific points.

The whole movie was working up towards this big final fight between Superman and Batman, so when the fight started to happen I started to get excited; however I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up. If I decided to go out and have a pee at that moment by the time I came back it would have been over. It was just so short and anticlimactic; the person who everyone thought would win did win but did so far too easily. Of course the big fight at the very end of the movie lasted about 10 minutes and was probably the most amazing thing I have ever seen on the big screen. The cameramen/editors in this movie need a pay rise, whatever DC payed them then double it and we might be on the same page. The CGI in this movie is simply just WOW no other words can really be said about it, for me CGI is probably a part of a movie that can make or break it. At the bottom of the scale is Spy Kids 3D and at the top has got to be this movie.


Don’t judge a movie on what other people are saying, because I did read some spoiler free reviews before seeing the movie it was affecting my exictment on the movie but now I have seen it then I realise that peoples opinions are different on different things. So if you like what I have said in my review then go and see the movie and if you didn’t then go and see the movie come back and tell me what you thought of the movie and we can talk about it.


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