South Park and the Stick Of Truth Review

I have wanted to play this game for a long time now, back when I first saw it come out I knew it would be something that I would really like to play. South Park humour with a RPG aspect, sounds like my kind of game. I managed to get it in a my humble bundle monthly this month so I had no choice but to start playing it and now I have completed the game what did I think of it?


We follow the life of the 4 main characters of the south park universe in the middle of them playing an old style fantasy games where the humans are versing the elves in a battle to who will hold the stick of truth. The character you play will first join Team human and will later on join team elf and it will be up to you to which side you pick when it comes to defeating the opposite team leader. However that is not the only story in this game, a group of aliens have been attacking the south park town and after they have attacked they left some green liquid that turns any living thing into a Nazi zombie and it is up to you to find a way to reverse this and save the city.

For me if I didn’t know what south park was and was just thinking it would be a typical PRG then this story would be terrible. As I do know what South Park is then I think it is hilarious, they do the typical South Park thing and try and offend as many people as possible which is either done discreetly by placing it into the middle of a sentence or it will be put right in front of your face. So if you are either easily offended or a fan of the Kardashian then I wouldn’t play this game.

The game play really well, it is a 2.5d rpg style game and it is great. The combat is great and gives you a lot of different ways in order to defeat your enemies whether that will be with brute force or using a mixture of status effects in order to slowly lower your enemies’ health. Depending on which way you choose then there are a number of different number of items for you to choose from. You can choose from a weapon that will do a lot of damage and then you can add on ‘stickers’ that will make them add status effects onto the enemy. I didn’t find a single fault with the combat and I think that a lot of other RPG style games should take a leaf from this game.Gaming-Nomad-vs.-South-Park-The-Stick-of-Truth-2

I will admit with the 2.5d it was a bit confusing finding out where you could actually walk to or walk on as a lot of the time they would allow blend into the background.  After a while do you get used to what you can and can’t walk on but at the beginning it is very annoying.

The style of the game looks exactly like a normal episode of South Park, it has the paper cut out style that south park fans will love. The cast of this game has just about every single south park character you can think of including butters, chef and Mr Hanky.

For me personally I have sat down and watched a whole series of the show I just watch if it is on and nothing else is, but after playing this game and having as much as I did it made me not just want more from the game but also make me want to watch a whole series of the show and see what it is really like. I have been told from a number of people who have also played this game that it is like playing a 12 hour long episode, and I have got to admit that I feel the same. When I looked back at my steam record and saw that my play time was 12 hours I didn’t believe it as it felt like I had barely only been playing for a couple of hours. This game literally makes you forget about how much time you have put into the game.

Overall I think if you are easily offended or don’t know the humour of South Park then don’t pick this game up as I personally don’t think you will enjoy it. But if you do know about South Park and want a new RPG to play then give this game a go I really do think you will enjoy it.

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