Unravel Review

When I first saw the trailer for this game I didn’t know what to think about it. I thought the game looked great but when I saw that EA was going to be involved in the game I lost interested in the game straight away. But I picked it up on the cheap and just finished the game so here is my review.


Here is my video review of Unravel

The first thing I have got to mention is that even though EA is the publisher they didn’t develop the game at all, in fact it was all done by a small time company called Coldwood.

Gaming for me is all about the story, if a game has a good story that really makes you connect to the character then the game is going to be good. So when I found out what the story was going to be for Unravel I had to buy it as soon as I could, which for some reason wasn’t until last month. You play as a little character that is made out of Yarn and it is up to you to find the memories of an old woman who has forgotten a lot about her past. While playing you will come across different memories that the old woman has had in that specific area, after beating a level you will come across a little object made of yarn that the old woman has created.

Playing this game really messes with your heart strings, it makes you want to keep playing in order to help out the old woman. it also makes you feel sorry for all the tough conditions that yarny goes through in order to help out the old woman and when you die in the game it actually hurts because you have become so attached to Yarny (character name) that you don’t like seeing anything bad happen to him. This makes you actually think about what your next move is going to be and if it is the right thing to do in order to make sure that Yarny does not die. For me this is one of the best stories in a game I have played and hasn’t made me feel for a character so much since I played Papo and Yo.


This is probably one of the best looking platforming games out there, all of the colours used from the green for the grass and leaves to the whites of the snow are so bright and vibrant that it just makes the game look beautiful. Even though the background is bright, you are still drawn to how good Yarny looks in this game. I don’t think I have ever said that wool could look good in a game but by god yarny looks great in this game. Playing this game on PC on max settings allowed me to see all the detail that is in the animation of yarny. You can really tell this in the final scene of the game when we get a close up of Yanry and you can see his wool eyes and all the little frayes of wool. I can not credit Coldwood enough with how good this game looks.

The game has a great story and looks amazing, does it play well though? Well it plays amazingly and after getting used to the controls the game felt so fluid to play and anything time I died it wasn’t because the game lagged or anything like that it was because I made a mistake and should of done better.

This is the sort of game you set a day aside to play and beat it in the 6 hours it will normally take. I recommend doing this as you are then able to get the full feel of the story instead of trying to remember what had happened or where you where in a level.

Overall this is a fantastic game and if you have access to this game then go out and buy it and I can tell you it will be the bet £15 you have ever spent. For a beautiful game with a great story and plays well you simply cant find this sort of game for £15.


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