Unfriended Review

I have been meaning to watch this movie for a long time now, and I was in Asda with my best friend Abby and I saw it for a cheap price to actually decide to pick it up. However it wasn’t until 2 months later that I actually watched the movie and now I have here is my review of it.


The story for this movie is pretty simple really; it is about a group of 6 friends who are all in a skype call on the day of one of their friend’s death anniversary. However the friend that died did so because she killed herself after she had a drunken accident at a party where a video of her ended up on the internet and she was getting made fun of for it. On the skype call is the person who took the video and uploaded the video onto the internet causing the girl to kill her self. Now the return of the friend is on skype and is slowly going through all 6 of them until she finds out who took the video and who uploaded it.

The way this movie looked is what you would expect from a movie about a skype call, it looked okay even if it was made on an iMac (#Windowsforlife). There where also skipped parts like you would expect on a skype call which just made the movie seem a whole lot more real then it should be. However even though the skipped parts added to the realism of the movie it took away a lot of the horror factor as certain parts that would have been scary or increased the amount of suspense in the movie where taken away. This was because every time there was a skipped part it would make a noise – like you would expect to here – and it just ruined that whole part of the movie for me.

When I watch horror movies, I get scared a lot, im just a big wimp when it comes to horror. However with this movie I didn’t jump once, I didn’t even feel slightly frightened, if anything I was just really bored. When the scary part started coming in the second half of the movie I thought that things would maybe heat up, throw in a couple more jump scares or just make the movie more suspense full but nope nothing happened other than 6 deaths that all happened with skipped frames and buffering symbols.

There where parts in the movie where you couldn’t even hear the skype call as she was messaging her boyfriend, for this just put a whole downer on the movie. The whole point of the movie was the skype call so why would you make certain parts silent just to see her message her boyfriend the same thing again and again. “it’s not you is it” “you promise” “he shouldn’t of said that” it was just so pointless, why couldn’t she just ask him in the skype call and the worst part was that half the time he didn’t even reply.

The characters where okay in this movie, we had a slag, a cheater, drug dealer and a fat guy (he was the best character) so of course all they all died in the end and surprise surprise the last two people alive in the movie where the two people who recorded the video and the other one uploaded the thing. But for me the worst part of the whole movie was part of the lame jumpscare at the very end when the final character was about to be killed and we actually get to see who has been killing all of her friends. WOW it’s the dead girl???? This was just bullshit and as soon as I recognised her from the beginning video I knew that this movie was just shit but also tried way to hard for no reason what so ever.

This has got to be one of the worst horror movies I have ever scene and I have scene paranormal activity 4.


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