The Legend of Korra (PC) Review

So recently steam had an activitsion sale and I saw that the Legend of Korra was on sale for £2.99 and i couldn’t pass up on that offer. So I started playing the game about 8 hours ago and now I have finished it and had a nap so it’s time for a review.



Korra has had her bending abilities taken away from her and she has no idea how she is going to be able to get them back. So she goes through different enemies in order to find ways she is able ot get her bending abilities back. When she has gotten all of her bending abilities back she then goes into a boss battle against the person who took her abilities.

My opinion

Before we get into how the game plays, if you are playing on a PC it does say that you should use a controller for the best experience but I didn’t so this is what it feels like if you use a keyboard and mouse.

The camera is controlled by the mouse but it might as well of been controlled using the arrow keys for all the good it does. It is slow and a lot of the time it is unresponsive, if you are dodging an attack then a lot of the time the camera will change angle so you can no longer see the enemy so they can very easily see you. When jumping around the map it is very hard to judge where you are going along and there is one level where you jump from platform to platform and it is extremely difficult to judge where you are going to land.

Another problem with this game is just how short it is, like I said at the top this game was completed well below 6 hours, it might not of even got to 5 hours worth of game play. The worst bit was that the only hard part was the final boss battle and even then I only died once. There is a bit that made this game even worse, after you have done so well to get the boss down the last bit of health you go into a quick time event which just ruins the whole boss fight. Why wouldn’t you give us the satisfaction of actually killing the boss with our own skill.

The story is in fact very boring and lacking a lot of detail, I personally have never watched the avatar series or the legend of Korra series so I had no idea who was who. I think it is a pretty stupid idea not to introduce some of the character to allow new players to know who is and make the story better for them.

The one part of this game that I actually liked was the way it looked, from what I have seen of the avatar series this game looks exactly the same which will be a good thing for the fans of the series as it will just be like playing a 5 hour version of an episode. But one good point in a list of bad isn’t going to change my rating of this game.

Out of ten this game gets a 3 and that is pushing it, so many things are wrong with this game and it is like the creators of the game didn’t want to get any new players from the game so they didn’t bother with any back story. The design of the game is very nice and will encourage some people to play the game. Unless you’re a fan of the series then I don’t recommend you play this game as you will get lost in the story exactly like I did especially if you have to pay the £11.99 asking price.


Game Review


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