Shantae And The Pirates Curse (3DS) Review

I have wanted a new game for my 3DS for some time now and after watching the first episode of this game being played on Game Grumps I went to humble bundle and bought their newest Nintendo bundle and after 7 hours I have now completed the game. Anyway, it is time for a review.


The game is in a 16-bit style and looks really nice especially on a lower powered console like the 3DS. The colours that are in this game are fantastic and really stand out and makes the game a lot more enjoyable than what I first thought it would be. While playing through the game you are not only focused on making sure you are not going to die from the enemies around but you are wanting to see how every part of the world looks because it looks that nice.

The main character is a half genie girl who has lost all of her powers called Shantae and yes she is in very little clothing. However, when you play through this game she actually addresses this and basically says she is not a good role model and I have to give props to the makers of the game for including this in the game. The main weapon of Shantae is her hair and the way you upgrade this is by buying cream and shampoo in order to make her hair stronger and less tangled to increase the damage and speed. Shantae talks a little bit in this game and I will admit I do like her dialogue in this game because she makes little jokes every now and then and just makes obvious statements about the game which other people in the game seem to be skipping over.

The game plays really well and if you die in this game then it is your fault not the games. It has been a while since I have played a game that controlled so well, and for the way this game is, it is really needed especially when you are trying to dodge deadly spikes that will kill you in one hit. After you have bought all the upgrades for Shantae’s hair then when you want to hit an enemy it will all come down to how fast you are able to hit the attack button.

The story in this game is it is up to you to go to the many different islands and find the boss (minions) on each island in order to stop the Pirate Master who is controlling the dark magic. When you beat the boss on each island you will get the map for another island in order to stop each boss. The story is probably the least impressive part of this game and after a while I was just skipping each part possible. I did find that if I didn’t follow the dialogue I was getting lost in the game as some part required you to back track to other island. If they made the story a little bit more impressive then I would of paid attention the whole time and wouldn’t have gotten lost.

This game is not too short or too long, it is about 6-7 hours on normal playthrough but if you want to 100% it then it will come to about 8-9 hours depending on how much you collected through your normal playthrough. If you do go and collect everything then you will be treated to a special ending of the game if you do that before facing the final boss. I shall not ruin either of the endings but I suggest getting all the items and it just makes for a much better ending.

Overall this game is really good, controls amazingly and looks great. The story is a bit bland but you wont be playing this game for the story as it is the least important part. I suggest you go and buy this game as you can get it quite cheap for less then £10 and is available on any console in the newest gen including PC and Wii U.

If you want to buy this game then here is a link for you to use:



Game Review


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