Vampire Mountain by Darren Shan Review

After finishing evil star and it taking so long to read through I wanted to read a short book to try and get me back into the reading life. As my main aim for the year is to read through the 4 main series of Darren Shan I decided on the 4th book in the cirque du freak series. Started it on the 17th and finshed it on the 17th so I’m quite happy. Anyway here is my review.



Darren Shan and Mr Crepsley make a long and dangerous trek to the vampire’s stronghold in the mountains. The trek is a test of skill and endurance – one which sees Darren’s vampire nature develop, and a new understanding of the mysterious blue-robed servants of the sinister Mr Tiny.

Gavner Purl makes a welcome return when he joins Darren and Mr Crepsley, but they face more than the cold on their way to the vampire princes – the vampaneze have been there before them…

Will Darren’s meeting with the Vampire Princes restore his human nature, or turn him further towards the darkness…

Taken from goodreads

We follow Darren Shan as he makes his way from cirque du freak towards the vampire mountain to be introduced to the clan and find out what the rest of the vampire clan think of Larten blooding a child even though it is now against their ways.

To be perfectly honest, after 4 books into a 12 book series I was expecting to get a bit bored with the series or maybe think that a lot of the middle books where just going to be filler for the rest of the series. If this does happen then it certainly doesn’t start with book 4 as a lot happens with what could happen with the rest of the story, if anything it could be the second most important book of the series so far just behind the first and that is only because it shows us how Darren became a vampire in the first place.

It has a few fights scenes that even I will admit I got a bit bored with, however the fight with Arra Sails I couldn’t stop reading, it had me engrossed.  I will admit I do prefer to read more about the story of Darren Shan instead of seeing just how many fights he can get into and win.

I like the way in which the author (its so awkward the main character and author having the same name) shows how the friendship with Evra has both grown and shrunk, they are still close as they live in the same tent but Evra is basically a man while Darren is still a young boy at heart so they basically had no choice to grow apart.

In this book there is a lot more knowledge about the vampires and how they live, the one thing that I love from the author is how he doesn’t use the same kind of style as anyone else who has written about vampires, he makes his own up and it works so well. Especially have more then just one type of vampire.

The book is written amazingly and even though it is only 170 pages I still managed to get it read within 3 hours as it was just that good. I even held going to the toilet as I wanted to finish the chapter first. The way in which the author describes not only the journey but how Darren is feeling the whole way through is great and I have said this before but I wish more authors would add in how a character feels during a journey instead of just describe it.

Over this makes a great book in a so far amazing series, if you were thinking that this book was just going to be a filler then trust me when I say it is not. It is in fact the second best book out of the 4



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