The Vampire Prince by Darren Shan Review

After the disappointment of book 5 in the series my hopes for book 6 werent all that high and I actually felt like I had to force myself in order to start the next book. So here is my review of book 6



Branded a traitor, betrayed by a friend, hunted by the vampire clan — Darren Shan, the vampire’s assistant, faces certain death. Can Darren reverse the odds and outwit a Vampire Prince, or is this the end of thousands of years of vampire rule? Darren’s initiation on Vampire Mountain draws to a stunning, bloody conclusion — but the Saga continues …

Taken from Goodreads

My Opinion

As soon as I got past the second chapter of this book I knew that it was going to be a totally different read. Just the way it went a lot more serious and you were actually worried that Darren might not live. Even though in the back of your mind you know as the book still has another 100+ pages to go he will. You start to feel sorry for him as he only did what he did because he was scared for his life so why did he have to die. I haven’t felt something like that while reading a book since I read The Fate of Ten by Pittacus Lore.

I said in my last review that I didn’t like all the fighting scenes and wish it was reduced to maybe one or two a book at max and this book does exactly that and focuses more on what is going to happen to Darren and if he will make it back to Vampire Mountain and tell the truth about Kurda. You actually start hoping he can get through the horrible trip through the stream and get his strength back in order to put things right between him and the clan. For me this is extremely hard to write about, and even then it is harder still to do it right. However Darren Shan has done this amazingly and I can not find a single fault in his writing in this book.

There is only one major fight scene in this book and it is done in a different sort of way, instead of it all being about how many people are getting killed. We get to see it from inside of Darren’s head and actually get to see what he thinks about fighting, and getting his first kill and how it makes him react. It shows you just how different Darren is from the other vampires and it is even said by other vampires that they should follow Darrens way of thinking more often.

I have said before I love the way that Darren Shan rights especially in a more story based book, and I have to agree with my statement even more now after reading this. If I knew this was a 6 book series I would say that the series has finished on a happy ending, but knowing Darren shan as I do from his work the other 6 books are going to make life very difficult for Darren and I just cant wait to read about it.

This book doesn’t have a lot of horror or suspenseful section like other books by Darren Shan however; it has got an amazing story that needs to be read by everyone.



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