The Ranch Part 1 Review

I was looking on Netflix for a new series to watch, as I was going through a bit of a dry spell with my TV watching and I saw Ashton Kutchers face on one of the pictures and as I liked him as a actor and it was a Netflix original I decided to watch the first episode and see what I think. Well I finished the season and it’s time for my review.


The series is based around a family and the ranch that they live on, however the ranch is not making as much money as it used to and is causing the family to have some money trouble and there might be a risk of losing the ranch all together. The ranch is run by Beau Bennet who has been getting help from his two sons, Colt and Rooster. However it was in the first episode that Colt came back from being a semi-professional quarter back, as he had no place to go and hadn’t been home in 15 years it was a surprise for the whole family. It became a bigger surprise when it was found out that he actually wanted to help run the ranch with his family again. Beau has got a wife, who left the family home as she wasn’t getting the attention she deserves and didn’t like the idea of their being no communication between husband and wife. However she still loves Beau and he still loves her.

I am not going to say that episode one was a great pilot episode for the season, in fact it barely made me want to keep watch the series. I personally think that if I could be bothered to find another show it watch then I probably wouldn’t of even gotten to episode 2. I think this might be because this sort of show is not the kind of genre I am normally into, and if Ashton Kutchers face wasn’t on the front then I probably wouldn’t of clicked on the series to begin with.

However by the end of episode 3 I was hooked and just wanted to keep watching, I don’t know what it was about the show but it made me care for the characters and actually hope that the Ranch would be great again in order to make the life’s of the 3 men of the range a lot easier. It might have been down the acting of Sam Elliot (Beau) and Ashton Kutcher (Colt) that made me want to keep watching or perhaps the occasional funny moment I enjoyed but whatever it was made me want to keep watching. I will point out a bad point and that is the over use of the fake laugh, being from Britain I am not used to this as much as the Americans and after a while it really started to annoy me, and it was being used at moment that were not in the sightless bit funny.

The story is what keeps me intrested the most as I really wanted to see what would happen with the ranch, would they be able to keep it? Would it have to be sold and the 3 men have to move elsewhere? I just couldn’t tell and it kept me gripped the whole way through. However there was another side story that I found intresting and that was the friendship/relationship with Colt and Abby. They would obviously flirt with each other but if anyone asked about it they would just say they were friends, but when one of them is drunk they have tried to go in for a kiss before the other stops them. It is a weird story that I cant help hope that they get together as they seem good for each other.

I do have to admit when they put some fillers in for the show to last longer then 15 minutes I do get bored and go and check my phone instead. For me the main filler of this show is the relationship between mum and dad, Beau and Maggie, and if they are going to get back together. It happens in each episode and it just gets boring very quickly. Another part that got boring quickly was the intro, I hated it when I first watched the first episode as it was country  style and they kept it for the whole season. But it wouldn’t start until 3-5 minutes of the episode so it would always come on out of know where and you jump for the mouse to skip the intro.

For me the acting is okay, especially by Ashton Kutcher and Sam Elliot, the story is great (exepct for the fillers) and I am looking forward to watching season 2. But the repeating parts of the fillers, the intro and the over use of the fake laugh made me put this show down to 3 and a half stars.


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