Hunters of the Dusk by Darren Shan Review

I am now onto book 7 out of 12 of the cirque du freak series, so I am hoping to have the series finished by june 28th as a new book is coming out then and I want to read it on release day so wish me luck. Anyway onto the review.



It is six years after Darren was made a Vampire Prince and following a grim prophesy made by Mr Tiny, the vampires know the ascension of the Vampaneze Lord is at hand. Mr Tiny warns the vampires that there will be only three opportunities for the Vampaneze Lord to be vanquished and only three vampires who may succeed: Vancha Marsch, Larten Crepsley… and Darren Shan.

Leaving the enclave of Vampire Mountain, Harkat, Darren and Mr Crepsley are shadowed by a creature of the night, do battle with the vampaneze, meet the mysterious Evanna and pay a visit to some old friends at the Cirque Du Freak. But no friend can prevent the bloody trail of bodies – the Vampaneze Lord may be more than a match for the hunters of the dusk.

Taken From Goodreads

So this book takes part 6 years after the ending of the last book, so we have skipped all the parts where Darren goes through the trails again, and finds out what it was like for him from becoming a simple half blood into the prince he is. You would think that this would annoy me as I was really starting to like the more story that was being put into these books. However if we had to read about every single day then this series would be 100 books long.

 We do find out what it has been like for the vampire clan the last 6 years and their war with the vampaneze and how the vampires are coping with the looking for the vampaneze Lord. It has been up to Darren and Paris to order the vampires around based on what they have heard regarding where a lot of Vampaneze action has been heard from.

For me I like this book it has a lot of story, we even get some information on vancha march a character I have wanted to know more about since I first heard about in him the saga of larten Crespley series. It was said there will be 4 chances to kill the vampaneze lord before he became a true vampaneze and kill all vampires. In this book there is one chance that has already happened and it comes down to vancha march’s past.

 There is more fighting in this book, but still only two major fights on regarding vampire hunters and another regarding the vampaneze. So we still get about 140 pages of story to the 20 pages of fights (if that) and I was really enjoying this book and wished it didn’t have to end.

I am going to say one thing, I wish that instead of being put into 12 different books that the series was made in 4 different books. I say this because the books themselves already have 4 different colours split into 3 books each so why not just join them together to make a normal sized book.

The writing is really good and makes you want to keep reading and finding out what is going to happen next and when the next time they get another chance to kill the vampaneze lord will be. I cant wait to start on the next book and find out exactly that.


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    • Have read it. The trilogies were great. It was like reading a pretty big book, but didnt feel so long since it was written by Darren O;Shaugnessy.


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