Yoshi’s New Island (3DS) Review

I felt like I was neglecting my 3DS XL for the past few months so I decided to go out and buy a new game for it. I came across the Nintendo Select collection with Yoshi’s New Island and new I just had to pick it up.


The story for this game is pretty simple, a stork is carrying the two Mario brothers as babies towards the people who are going to be raising them into adult hood. However the stork gets the wrong address and when he finds this out and tries to take them to the right address he is attacked by some of bowsers minions causing Luigi to be taken by the minions and Mario falling to his death towards the sea. Luck is on Mario’s side as he lands on the Island of Yoshi’s where they vow to take him back to his brother and make sure that he is able to get home safety.

It has been a really long time since I not only bought a Mario-based game but even played one, so it took a while to get used to the controls as I am a mostly RPG player and playing a platform game like this was a bit strange. When I got used to the controls which seemed to be a bit weird in which buttons did what, I started to get the hang of the game and it played really well. I did notice that a few times the game wouldn’t ask what I wanted, this included moving forward only slightly but instead it would take a full step forward making me fall to my death. I am also sure that the hit boxes changed a lot which caused a few deaths which annoyed the hell out of me. For example I would be able to avoid some bats so closely that I was sure that I would have been hit, but if a spiky chain ball comes down and I do the same kind of dodge as the bats then I’m getting hit and causing the recall damage to put me into the lava. But other than that I don’t have any problems with how the game played at all.

I really liked the way the game looks, a lot of the time I have been playing games that need to look realistic as possible (expect borderlands) and it was a real nice change of pace to play a game that looked like it has been hand drawn. This means that the background and foreground were actually really nice to look at and I was actually impressed with what the capabilities of the 3DS were able to do. The last time I played through Pokémon Y I noticed that some parts of the game actually lagged so seeing a game that looked like this and no lag at all was amazing. The different colour Yoshi’s at first was a nice touch and it made you want to finish the level to see which Yoshi colour you were going to get next. However by the end of the second world you didn’t notice that even happened as you were more focused on not dying through the next level.

The two final boss battles were a waste of time and really made the ending of the game a massive let down. You knew from the beginning who the final boss was going to be in Bowser Jr so the game sets you up for a big boss battle where you have to go through 6 other mini bosses in order to get to him on his own part of the island. And how do you kill him??? With a fucking large egg, for me this part took the piss as that is how we have killed every single other boss in the game so you might think the developers might through a bit of a curve ball in there to make you actually use you head to win the boss battle. But not only that when you have beaten Bowser Jr you then come up against the real Bowser, so let have ask you, how do we kill the biggest enemy that Mario will ever have?? You guessed correctly with a fucking egg, to be fair they did change it for the first stage of the bowser boss, this time you use a metal egg.

For me I am glad that this game is just £15.99 as if it was anymore I couldn’t make it a worthwhile buy, it does play well and it has decent look of the game but making it very easy until the final level but then ruining it by making the two finals bosses even worse is just inexcusable. Plus this game took me the massive time of 6hours 14 minutes to finish so it is almost £3 for every hour of the game you want to play.


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