Allies of the Night By Darren Shan Review

Now that I have finished this book we have only got 4 books left to go in the series so I am thinking I’m going to reach my aim of reading the series by june 28th which is a great thing. Anyway it is time for another review.



Maturing at one fifth the rate of a normal human, Darren has the looks of a fifteen year old, even though he is very much older. Vampire Prince and vampaneze killer he may be, but someone has shopped him to the authorities and it’s time for Darren to go back to school.

But school is not the only thing Darren has to come to terms with: faces from the past, the death of a clan member, a clash with a vampire hunter and blood-thirsty vampaneze mean Darren’s past is catching up with him – fast. It’s time for the allies of the night to join forces. The hunt is on…

Taken from Goodreads

Until a few months ago Darren only looked about twelve until the purge came in and made him shoot straight into the middle of his teens. This is a good and a bad thing it means his childhood which has latest about 20 years is over but it means he is becoming closer and closer to becoming a full vampire and saying good bye the day of the world forever. However as he is now 15 in looks, someone has forged a few signatures and has made Darren go to school in order to stop the authorities from hunting him down.

It took a book longer than I thought but we have now came back to the place which Larten Crespley calls home, when Mr. Tiny said follow your heart I automatically assumed this is where they would go but instead they went to Cirque Du Freak and we all know what happened there. The last time that Larten was here was when they were fighting a crazy vampaneze, which they had to keep quiet about in case it started a war between the two clans (bit late for that now). However they are back for the same reason as a lot of people are being killed a way that only vampaneze would kill, killed and fully drained of their blood, so the two princes, a little person and Larten Crespley have come to try and save the day.

While they are in Larten’s Home Town (It is never given a name so I have to go with this), Darren meets two people from his past (not going to say who or when) and things have turned awkward with the vampires not knowing how they are going to get away with their stories of having  a weird aging gene.

This book is all about the story, and even the fight scenes are very small, with two of them being able to fit on two pages of the book which I am glad about. It is not until the end of the book that a big fight scene comes into place and after reading the book you knew it was coming and it was exicitng reading along waiting for it to start. It has been a while since there has been a big fight scene like this and it was great to see the point of view through Darren and have exactly what has going through his head at the time as well as the people he was with and how they were doing in the fight.

Darren Shan seems to be able to do no wrong in these sorts of book and I am loving reading through them, and seeing how I only have 4 books left then im not going to be stopping anytime soon.



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  1. This book I did like since it showed that how evil Steve could be. plus it showed Reggie wasnt a misguided soul that was being abused more by Steve


  2. Yeah, i really liked Sam in the books and would of loved to see who would of played him and what he would of been like. TBH i hated the movie and thought it was a bit of a let down


    • the ending of the movie was cool but yeah it sucked. I just hated and loathed Sons of Destiny. Another vampire series you may like is Vampire Academy and Blood Lines


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