Killers of the Dawn by Darren Shan Review

Now that I have finished the 9th book in this series, I am now just starting to realised how close I am to finishing the series. This is probably the worst part about reading a series as you don’t want it to end but at the same time you do. Anyway it is time for another review.



The allies of the night prepare for the final, deadly confrontation. Darren and Mr Crepsley will get more than they bargained for when they come face to face with the Vampaneze Lord. Outnumbered, outsmarted and desperate, the hunters are on the run. Pursued by the Vampaneze, vigilante mobs and the police, Darren Shan, the Vampire Prince, is public enemy Number One! With their enemies baying for blood, the vampires prepare for deadly confrontation. Is this the end for Darren and his allies? Half a million copies sold of the Saga – get your teeth into a bloody good book!

Taken From Goodreads

My Opinion

So if you have read the rest of the reviews that I have written on this series then you will know that I am personally not a huge fan of the number of fight scene that there are. So after reading through this book and finding out that it is basically just one huge fight scene that every now and then it will have a little bit of a break and continue with the story. Of course I am not happy about this but within the fight scenes you are able to see why Darren Shan wrote what he did and the story was able to progress through the fight scenes making it a very enjoyable read.

The quadruple that are taking part of this journey are trying their best to remove the city of the vampaneze while trying to take down the vampaneze lord whoever he may be. However while trying to help save the city, a member of the vampaneze called the police and told them were the quad were staying and that they were the killers of all those people. This meant that now not only did they have to avoid being killed by the vampaneze but also humans. I don’t want to spoil to much but some people see the truth about what the vampires are like while other don’t.

I still think that this book is very good even with all the fight scenes, as it just kept my attention the whole way through and at one point while reading I almost missed my stop while on the bus because I was that engrossed into the book. It was at this time that I realised I no longer wanted to work ever again but I need money for books and games.

I have got say that Darren Shan is an evil man and shouldn’t get the readers hopes up for a whole chapter to be knocked down again when they realised the truth. This part is going to contain a huge spoiler for the book so if you don’t want to be spoiled then skip to the next paragraph. When Larten died, and I got onto the next chapter I actually thought that Mika had come to save him at the last possible moment. It wasn’t until the beginning of the next chapter that I realised I had been lied to by the author but in my opinion I loved the idea, especially how it came from Darren’s mind and how much he hoped that any one of many events who happen in order to save his friend.

I loved this book and is certainly in one of my top 3 of the series so far, but ill be expecting something big from the final three in order to take it out of the top 3 thought. Even with all the fighting scene it was an enjoyable read and once you start you don’t want to put the book down not even once.




  1. Larten Crepsley: But in life we dont usually get to choose the time of our defining moments. We just have to stand and face when they come, no matter what sort of a state were in.

    even in death may you be triumphant.


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