Borderlands Review (PC)

I have tried to complete this game for about 5 years now and I have had some trouble with me either selling my consoles to me just getting bored of playing the game half way through. However I have recently spent the last 2 weeks playing through this game and well I have now finished the main story and a lot of the side quest so what did I think of the game?


I have had this game on both the Xbox 360 and the ps3 and have never gotten close to finishing on either console, in fact I don’t think I even got half way through completing with my longest play time of the game being around 6 hours. So while deciding on what game I should download and focus my time onto a few weeks ago and really wanting to playing Borderlands 2 or Pre Sequel I instead decided on finally beating the first game to make sure I know what the story line is going to be and actually be able to judge the full game and not just the first six hours.

I had a lot of fun playing through this game, but I did have a few troubles with it that I will talk about later on in the review. But good points first, this game is really fun to play. Personally I have never been a huge fan of the FPS genre as I have never been any good at it and the only time I will really play it is when my brother will ask me to play COD with him but I will only play Gun Game as it gives me a chance at winning. But there is something different about this game that makes it fun to run around killing random enemies with guns that can be either pretty standard or something that is literally out of this world. I think it must be the funny commentary that happens throughout the game whether it be just a random character saying something stupid or if it is claptrap just talking rubbish either way I am happy with my play through of this game.

The game plays very well as well, as this game is now 7 years old I was expecting to find a lot more problems with the game play then what I had found and I have to got to give 2K credit where it is due and congratulate them on such good programming skills. I had only 2 problems with how the game played throughout my play through and even then they are very minor things. The first one being was that in New Heavan I was able to walk through certain objects but not others which at first I thought was going to lead me to a secret area as this is the first time I had noticed the problem but after a while the coding kicked in again and I couldn’t move any further forward but I was still able to move backwards. The other problem I faced was while using my machine gun in close quarters combat, as even though the enemy was in front of me it would seem that every 5th shot wouldn’t register as being hit even though it was impossible to miss from the range I was shooting from. Other than that I didn’t notice anything else wrong with how the game played.

The game looked amazing, I am fortunate enough to of been able to  play this game on PC with an okay PC build that allowed me to play the game at max setting and get a frame rate of 50 fps, sometimes rising as high as 80 but never going below 45 no matter how hectic the battling was. The way the game looked at this settings was amazing and I was actually surprised how good an animated looking game could look. I don’t like to compare PC and console as some people have their own preferences but even I have got to admit you wouldn’t be able to do this on the last gen console.

The story is pretty good and even though you will play through a lot of missions that don’t have anything to do with the main story you still enjoy the missions you are playing. I personally think that it reminds me a lot of the elder scrolls games with this sort of mission selection. You are able to choose which mission you want to do but it just makes you feel a lot better being able to do all the missions and seeing how you are progressing through the game nice and slowly. However by the last 3 hours of my play through I just played the main story missions and I really wanted to find out how it was going to end and didn’t want to be interrupted by anything other than sleep.

For me I think this game is great and even if you don’t like the FPS genre this is a totally different type of game from that and I can say that I think you are going to really enjoy this game and everything that it has got to show you.


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