PC Vs Console Who Really Is The Master Race?

So this is a little bit something different, I am going to be doing a collaboration with a friend of mine called 1 Broke Girl Gamer (Link to blog here) and we are going to be talking about different part of gaming on either a console or a PC. For me I have only recently became a full time PC Gamer, by that I mean it has only been a year or so, while 1BGG has been a console gamer her who life and right now has the current Generation PlayStation as well as a PS3.

The way in which we are going to do this is by releasing once a week a comparison post where we compare certain aspects such as graphics, types of games, comfort and so on. When the comparison has finished we will tally up who has won the most rounds and comfirm the winner with a statement on why they have won to back it up.

We shall be releasing these once a week on Saturday at 12pm (GMT) so come back then for the first instalment of PC VS CONSOLE

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