The Lake of Souls by Darren Shan Review

We are onto the tenth book into the series now and I am able to taste the finish, so what did I think of the first book that goes into double digits of the series, well read on and find out.



The tenth part of The Saga of Darren Shan – one boy’s terrifying journey from human to half-vampire to Vampire Prince. If you step through after Harkat, you might never come back. Is your friend worth such an enormous risk? A terrifying new world, a deadly new challenge for Darren Shan, the Vampire Prince. Darren and Harkat face monstrous obstacles on their desperate quest to the Lake of Souls. Will they survive their savage journey? And what awaits them in the murky waters of the dead? Be careful what you fish for.

Taken from Goodreads

Seeing how on the front of this book is a dragon. I was going to be expecting something epic to come along and make me want to keep on reading through the rest of the book. Well I bet you can’t guess what, it did happen and I managed to read this book in one sitting (kind of, I had to walk from the bus stop back home and carried on reading there). This is probably the longest series I have ever read, probably not by pages number but the number of books that are in the series however even after 10 books (2 more to go) I am still enjoying this series and can’t wait to find out what happens in the final book.

This book takes a different turn from the rest, by that I mean we are essentially reading a side quest that we heard a little bit about a few books ago. This is probably the first book where a vampire based quest isn’t the most important part of the book, we get to find out more about Harkat and what his previous life was like and we actually get to find out who he was as well, trust me when I say unless you have read this book before you won’t know who he was.

So of course like any book that is written by Darren shan, it was a great read especially with a whole new world being added into the mix, or was it a new world was it the past? Present? Or the future even? Looks like we won’t find out until the last two book if we find out at all. I do like how these books aren’t really horror, in fact I find it just suspenseful waiting to find out what happens in a certain situation. In a lot of books like this you are able to predict what was going to happen but with Darren shan you will never know as he isn’t afraid to kill off a main character, he has done it in a previous book and I never expected that.

Recently I have been trying to find a way to stop praising these books as much as I have but it is hard when an author has written a book so well and you enjoyed reading it it is just hard to find faults with it. The only bad part is that I wished these books were written with more of an adult reading age, as it just seems a bit simple of a read but if that is the only complaint I have got towards the books then that is an amazing thing and I gave tried to find something wrong with them trust me on that.



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  1. I loved this one since it shows another side of how Destiny bastard is controlling all there lives. I loved every morsel given to me. We learn that Darran Harkat has to travel to a remote area that is basically something we have seen before. this book shows us more of Harkat and Darran Shan is. Especially who Harkat is


  2. I would love if Darren Shan could make a new book in this series just to make Desmond Tiny tiny and small. To make him an unimportant character, maybe a little person.


    • See I like the idea of Desmond Tiny, I want to know more about him where he came from and how he became to be the person who the vampires both worship and are petrifried of


      • Yeah exactly. Would have been so great to know more about him. He is the most mysterious character. Maybe he was an honourable person, just that he got so old he didnt care anymore..


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