PC VS Console: Comfort?

PC VS Console: Comfort?

So the first part of our series on which is the master race, we have decided to talk about how comfortable we are playing with our chosen gaming device. Make sure you head over to 1BGG Blog to see her answer here.or me when I game I am comfortable but only for a little bit as the chair I have got to be closer to my computer is not very good and after about 30 minutes of sitting I get stiff and require to stand out to stretch my legs.

When I am gaming on my PC I am comfortable, but this will only last for a small amount of time. This is because unless you have your chair at the right height so your arms are resting at a comfortable level you are not going to be able to have a 3 hour marathon without taking a break every 30 minutes to stretch yourself. At university I had a normal chair, with a normal desk and everything was at the perfect height and I found myself being able to game for multiple hours without even thinking about how comfortable I was, it just felt so right. But the second that this changes so is the way you are gaming.

Of course there is a big difference going from using a controller to a keyboard and mouse and the first major difference is getting used to using the mouse to turn the camera and going back to a D-pad style of movement with the character. However for a lot of games I have never felt more comfortable playing with a keyboard than with a controller. These will include playing games such as Borderlands and Bioshock, however I have tried to playing racing games and it just doesn’t work on a PC especially as in a lot of cases you don’t turn using the mouse you turn using the keyboard keys and it just doesn’t feel right. So for a PC Gamer to feel truly comfortable the set up has got to be correct with a decent chair/couch and a desk at the right height. if you are wanting to play any game that isnt a racing game then playing on PC is amazing and you are going to feel great doing so. However I do suggest getting a controller for your PC when if you dont want to go over to the dark to play your racing games.

As last week 1BGG got to choose the topic it is my turn, and this time I am coming out with a big one. Next week’s topic is going to be Game Availability so make sure you turn up next week to see who wins that one.

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  1. I have a table sitting in front of my 46 inch tv, which plays my xbone, wiiu, and pc. I have an xbone controller and a ps2 controller with usb adapter , and of course the wii u game pad. My headset is plugged into my pc or xbone control depending on what I’m doing. I sit in a wheeled office chair and the edge of the table in front of me is curved, meant for arms to rest on it. I also have a fan nearby for when it’s hot. I’m always comfortable there.


      • Well that sounds amazing haha. That is a good sounding set up. But in some cases like mine it’s kind of not possible to be comfy unless I’m on my bed with a controller but then I can’t see as much detail in the game as I’m to far away

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