Jazzpunk PC Review

I first saw this game being played by Jacksepticeye and at the time I wondered why I was even watching the video as this is not the sort of game I would normally play but half through I got intrigued and by the end of the video I had actually bought it on steam. However that was over a year ago now and I never took the time to play the game until now.

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I am going to say this right now, this has got to be one of the weirdest games I have ever played. If I didn’t sit down and actually concentrate on what was happening I would have no idea what was taking place, and to be honest with a lot of the mini games I still didn’t.

I really liked this game looked, it isn’t like anything else I have ever played. The game is trying to look both old and new at the same time. You can clearly tell that this is an indie with the style that they have gone with but also with how much work they have done you can also see just how hard they worked on this game with the looks alone.

The story itself is pretty good, I’m not saying its amazing as if you are not paying attention then you are not going to notice what is happening and even then half the stuff that is in the story is just plain messed up and makes no sense what so ever. Then when you find a mini side quest to do you basically forget everything about the main story and just focus on what is happening with the side quest as you know that something funny or some reference is going to be given to you at some point.

This game is really short, I am talking below 3 hours to play through the whole game, and I did probably miss a few side quest while doing that but I did try and find as much as I could as I was enjoying myself while playing. I never knew what was going to happen such as when you hit random people with a fly swatter and they turn into flies. I laughed a few times at this game and for me that is a rare occurrence as a lot of game comedy doesn’t make me even smile but I actually laughed while playing this.

This game controls like a dream, it just felt right playing this with both a controller and my keyboard and mouse. The only thing I wished they had added to the game was a sprint button as I felt like in some cases it just took to long to get to a different part of the map and I found myself being frustrated with how slow the character was moving.

This is the sort of game you can sit down one day when you have got a few hours spare and just play through the whole game without knowing how long you have been playing because you just get drawn into the game. So I can recommend this to a lot of people, even I didn’t think I would want to play this sort of game but after playing it and loving it I have got no choice but to recommend it to other people to have a go at playing.


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