Polarity (PC) Review

I got this game when I bought a pack of ten random steam keys from Steam for £1.99 and that was about a year ago. I tried to play it when I first got the game but I just couldn’t get into the game all that much with it a being a puzzle based game. However, a year later I found some time for me to get around and complete the game.


I have checked a few of the reviews of this game and just about every single one of them says that the game reminds them a lot of Portal. I do get why but the different between Portal and Polarity is huge, yes both are puzzle games and you do control two different colours and there are a lot of boxes but that is where the similarities end.

 I really liked Portal I thought it was a good puzzle game that had character and had something that everyone was going to love which made it an instant classic. Polarity is nothing like, nowhere near. First of all, there is no one talking and the only thing you have close to a story is that if you find the 30 data fragment sin the different levels then you will get 10,000,000 data. However, the one thing I did like about this game is that there is no tutorial it requires you to figure everything out for yourself. In a lot of puzzle games I hate this, as I am personally not very good at them and would like a few hints here and there on how to play the game but seeing how simple this game is it just isn’t needed.

This game looks okay, and that is all I can give it and I actually feel quite bad doing so. It is just there isn’t anything that is going to draw your eye to. Of courses occasionally there is going to be some bright colours coming onto the screen but that is literally all you get to take your eyes from the 4 main colours, green,red, blue, and grey.

Polarity controls really well, I didn’t find myself one blaming how the game was programmed or that it was my keyboards fault I died. The character was very smooth when being controlled, the catching and throwing of cubes were flawless and just about everything else in this game was great and I could find no fault with it.

The music gets really boring really quickly, at first I loved the music and how it seemed to be able to fit in with the game and actually made you want to keep playing. However after a couple of levels you just want to the music to stop as it really repetitive and will end up getting on your nerves. The last 5 levels I ended up listening to Spotify with the game being on mute just so I could keep on playing.

The puzzles, which this whole game is based around is really simple and even me, someone who doesn’t do so well when it comes to puzzle games didn’t have to look anything up online like I normally would have to. However at first I thought it was an added bonus to go and look around for data fragments but when I came to the last level of the game I found out I had to have all the data fragments to continue with the game. I really hate this when games do this, why not let us carry on with the game, if we wanted to do the added extras then we would have done if not who cares. I later found out they did this because it was the whole story of the game. You get 5 lines of story 3 in the beginning and two at the end of the game. This was a huge letdown and I actually felt like I had wasted time to play this game.

For the low price of £0.69 I don’t know what I expected but for such a low price you really can’t go wrong, the game plays well even if the story is lacking. It is worth the price for the game but if it was over £2 then I would think again before buying.


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