Tembo The Badass Elephant (PC) Review

A lot like the Jazzpunk review I only found this game out because of Jacksepticeye, and again I didn’t think I would end up buying the game. If it wasn’t for a steam sale then I certainly wouldn’t off, but good old Gaben blessed us with steam sales and my wallet got a lot lighter because of it.


This game is a normal 2D platformer with one exception and that is that you get to play with an elephant. With the main character being an elephant there are a lot of different moves you need to learn to master in order to get through the game without dying a lot. The best one for me is that the elephant is able to float a lot like Yoshi does by simply flapping his legs in the air. He is able to turn into a ball and starts bouncing and rolling. I do like how you are able to make Tembo slide, something which I find amazing with an elephant character. I was surprised with how the character moved as I was expecting the character to be slow and sluggish like you would expect an elephant to be., but seeing how this is an army elephant he is different from all the other.

The aim of the game to progress through the 18 stages and in each stage kill all the bad guys and collect all the hostages in order to 100% complete the level, however, if you like you can speed through all the levels. I have got to say before you are able to get to the 4th stage in each chapter you have to have killed a specific amount of the enemies. I personally didn’t like this in games as I think they should just let you play the game how you want not how they want.

There are 4 chapters to the game and in each chapter is a different sort of the theme of the levels, such as forest and circus to name 2 of them. I have got to say that each of the levels looked amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed playing through them. I never got bored of the level or thought that they were just copied and paste of older levels, which I have found a lot of time during a platforming playthrough.

I love the way they told the story in this game, it was without any narrative, they used comic strips and even without speech bubbles you knew what was happening and I fell in love instantly. I haven’t seen this a lot in games and I have wondered for while why not? But saying that if a lot of games did this then I know I would end up hating it.

I hate the controls for this game, though, I played with both the keyboard and then a PS4 controller and I hated both of them as half the time the buttons I pressed didn’t seem to work and I missed the chance of doing something I wanted or I would be running along and half way through trying to jump it would do an air attack causing me to miss my jump and killing me. This was a bit of a let down later on in the game when you have got to be very specific on when you jump and when you land.

 Now I can’t finish a review on this game without talking about that final boss, it took me 20 minutes to beat and that was only on the 5th different row of attempts. I played through the whole game except the final boss in one sitting but after the 4th death on that one attempt I had to take a break, and it took me till my 5th attempt 3rd life in order to beat him. The thing with this boss is that it has got different stages you have got to learn to master before you are able to beat him as you need all your health in order to beat him. This was a bit of an extreme difficulty curve considering that the rest of the game was extremely easy.

Over this game is fun as long as you don’t mind terrible controls and a difficulty spike on the final boss of the game. If not then go out and buy this game you wont regret it, but if you do then avoid this game like the plague.


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