Nightrise by Anthony Horowitz Review

I forgot I had this book on my kindle, and if it wasn’t for the alarm going off on my kindle I don’t think I would of remembered for quite a while either. I was going through a bit of a phase where I only wanted to read books that I had physical copies. However, it has been nice to get back to reading on my kindle again. It is now time for me to review Book 3 of the gatekeeper’s series by Anthony Horowitz.


The Story

The world is in great danger—and only five kids can save it. But to do that, they must face off against some of the most powerful people in the world. Two of the five, Scott and Jamie, have always known they were different. Twins whose birth is shrouded in mystery, they’ve always been able to communicate with each other telepathically. Their supernatural talent has landed them no farther than a gig in a Z-grade sideshow in Reno, Nevada…until they garner the attention of a very scary clientele. Soon their lives are in jeopardy, with one of them trapped and one of them on the run.

Taken from Goodreads

My Opinion

As it had been some time since I last read the first two books in this series I had to go back and read a quick synopsis of what had happened but by the time I had gotten half way through it I had remember what had happened in the first two books. But after reading the book I found out that this was pointless as in this book we don’t follow the lives of Matt or Pedro but in fact we follow one of the other five, we follow Jamie on his adventure in trying to get his brother, Scott, back from the company called Nightrise.

I didn’t know anything about this book as it has been a long time since I have read through this series so when I found out that I was going to be reading through the point of view of Jamie I thought it was going to be nice change of pace, seeing how he is going to make his journey from where he lives in America to Peru in order to meet up with Matt and Pedro.

A lot of this book is fast paced and after reading through the first 100 pages I didn’t know how Anthony Horowitz was able to keep the book being so fast paced but only having a few days’ pass at the same time. I found myself just wanting to keep reading and finding out what else was going to happen to the twins. I personally though that this book feels darker in some way other the other two and I really enjoyed this, even though the book is based around 14-year-old kids you can tell that they are taking part in a grown up world. This will mean that they will have to grow up themselves in order to save the world from the threat of the old ones.

Finding out what had happened at the first battle of the gatekeeper vs the old ones was a great touch to this book, even if it did take a good 30% if not more of the book I think it was a worthwhile decision and it actually made me like the book a whole lot more. This is because it adds loads to the story and it gives the reader a bit of a history lesson in why the Old Ones need to be taken off earth again and locked away for good. Not only that but they have given reasons why the two gates are there. I loved the imagination that Anthony Horowitz had to make this book as good as it has been.

After reading this book it has made me really excited to carry on reading this series, even though book 4 wont be my next review it is going to be coming soon, or whenever I get around to buying the next one.


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