A Story About My Uncle (PC) Review

A Story About My Uncle (PC) Review

There seems to be a theme going on with my latest gaming reviews, as the last 4 have all been games I have seen youtubers play before I had even heard of them myself. This game I first saw on Leafyishere’s channel and I really liked the look of the gameplay so I waited until the steam summer sale and bought the game for £1.99. I played it the day I bought it and finished it on the same day so it is now time for a review.


I like the way in which the story has been told in this game, you are telling your child a bed time story so that they will be able to go to sleep, but the story you are telling them is what you did when you were a child and you went to your uncle house in order to see why he hasn’t visited in a few months. It was great hearing about all the little thoughts the main character had while talking to his daughter but at the same time describing what was happening in the world around him. This is something I have not seen in a game before I loved the originality of it.

The game itself looks amazing especially when you are able to run the game at the highest settings on your PC. I instantly fell in love with the game as soon as I started playing it with the way that the scenery looked to the way the laser grapple looked when it was connected to a wall. It tried to mae real life and animated come together and for me I think they did a great job, but there where a few places where I hated this decision. When you finally get to see your uncle at the end of the game, he looked so animated, he reminded me a lot of what the character from the movie coralline which for me did not go with the feel of the game and put a bit of a bad taste in my mouth about the ending scene.

The way this game plays is amazing, and I could not find single fault with it at all. Everything seems to work perfectly from the moment you start running to when you are using the rocket boots. You really start to notice how much time and effort went into this game when you have got to start using your grapple and find a way to get to the next piece of land. That is when you notice how well the grapple reacts when you have clicked your mouse to how when you need them most the rocket boots start to work as soon as your press the spacebar. Everything just seems to work really well with each other making this game just play perfectly.

This is one of the few games in a long while where I was able to just put the headphones on and not have to worry about me getting bored with the soundtrack. This is because the music in this game is simple beautiful and I was able to not just focus on the gaming side of the game but be able to listen to the great soundtrack which encouraged me to keep on playing this great game.

I have seen some peoples reviews of this game, and I noticed that a lot of them where giving it a 7/10 or  a 4/5 but personally I don’t know why. I couldn’t find anything wrong with this game other than how long it was but even then I don’t think I could play 10 worth of this game without getting bored of the same thing happening again and again. The way it was getting harder a fast rate was a good sign of how short this game was and if it was any longer then I know it would be one of those games where I play but never finish.

For me this game is great and I recommend that you go out and buy it as soon as you can but better off when it is on sale due to the shortness of the game.


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