Child of Light (PC) Review

This is a game I have wanted to play for a while now but each time I would come to buy a game I would always forget about it until I saw it advertised again and again when it came to buying a new game I would forget. But this time I saw it advertised on payday so I had no excuse so I had to buy it and its now finished so time for a review.


The first thing I have got to say about this game is that I love the way it looks, to describe it to someone then I would say it looks a lot like bravely default for the 3ds with the hand drawn look of the background and the characters. I think this is the main reason I wanted to buy this game, I personally knew nothing else about child of light other than it was an rpg and the way it looked as I stayed away as much as possible from potential spoilers like I do with most games if I can help it.

I am going to say that the story is really predictable and if you have played a few games in the rpg genre or read a few books about fantasy then the story line is going to be really predictable for you. As I was able to guess what was going to happen a lot of the time I wasn’t as gripped in the story as I should have been but I was still wanting to find out what was going to happen to someone of the characters and when it came to the last 3 boss battles I was really enjoying myself and made sure I was giving the game 100% of my attention just in case I missed something important.

For me I thought the soundtrack of this game is amazing and in my own opinion could be on par with the bastion soundtrack which is still to this day by favourite soundtrack in a game. I have said numerous times that while playing I would get bored of a soundtrack and instead just put a random playlist on Spotify on instead but not with this game I found myself giving it 100% of my attention through my whole 10 hrs 12-minute play through.

And that is my next topic, the length of the game. If this game was £30 then I would be disappointed with the length as if I have spent £30 on a rpg then I’m expecting a minimum of 30 hours’ worth of game time so a £1 an hour. But with the game only costing £15 when not on sale and seeing it be as low as £8 while on sale then with a 10 hr story line I am not going to complain one little bit.

I knew this game was published by ubisoft so of course I was expecting to see glitches everywhere but I did not encounter one glitch or anything that would make me thing that the programmers haven’t done their job properly. I had a great time played and not a single thing stopped me from it.

If you are looking for a cheap game that has got great visuals, a good storyline that is predictable with a great soundtrack then Child of Light is a great game for you to have a look at.



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