Undertale (PC) Review

There will be no spoilers in this review as it’s a game where you shouldn’t know any details before playing to get the full enjoyment out of playing.


I have wanted this game for a while, and after hearing nothing but great things from reviewers on YouTube then I just had to buy it on the steam summer sale. I have been playing it whenever I get the chance and I have recently finished my first play through of the game, and I wanted to share my opinion on what I thought of the game.

This is not like your normal RPGs, firstly because you could go through the whole game without killing anyone, but even that doesn’t make this game as weird as it is. For me I personally found the story the weirdest and finding myself getting lost a few times with how the characters where or how they would speak. I couldn’t stop myself from getting emerged into the story and wondering how this happened or how a character would know this and it was great. It has been a while since I managed to do that with a game, even child of light I would find myself forgetting parts every now and then but not with this game.

The way it looks was another added bonus, I have always been a lover of pixel art and having a full game that was created this year was a must buy regardless of the type of game. The way in which the creators of this game made the pixel art not only look retro but sort of futuristic at the same time was amazing and I cannot credit the guys enough.

This would not be an under tale review if I didn’t mention the soundtrack. Every single review I have read of this game has mentioned the soundtrack in some way, so I was expecting big things and dear god did I get them. It was fantastic, there were slow tracks for when the story was becoming a more intense to fast paced loud music for when a boss battle was happening, I couldn’t get enough. I fell in love with it so much I found a playlist on Spotify and wrote this review while listening to the soundtrack. I haven’t done that since my bastion review.

This game is short, unless you are going to explore every single part of the game which is what I did until about half way through and just ended up focusing on completing the game. but you should play this game more than once as there are multiple different endings. I am not going to spoil anything like I said at the top but everyone gets the same ending on the first playthrough if I am correct and it is on your next playthrough where you can decide what you are going to do such as a genocide or pacifist playthrough. I am not going to be doing these playthroughs any time soon as I am playing other games and have a number of books to catch up on but when I do come back to this game I shall be writing another review based on the stories.

For me this game is fanatic and the added bonus that the game is only £6.99 when not on sale is a great added bonus and if anyone is even thinking about buying this game then trust me when I say you really should it is amazing.



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