Far Cry Primal (PC) Review

I have been a huge fan of the far cry games for a long time now, and have played through 3 and 4 multiple times, so I have no idea why it took so long for me to get far cry primal as I was excited for it as soon as I started hearing rumours about the game. anyway I have not put in lot of time to the game and finished the main stories so here is my review.


The first thing that will strike you about this game is that none of the characters will speak English or any other modern language. This means if you are wanting to follow the story you better get used to reading the subtitles a lot. When I first noticed this I thought I would hate this the whole way through the game but after an hour or so you don’t seem to notice it as much and instead started to really enjoy it instead. It gave something to the game which made it feel more life like with the game being set in 10,000 BC. After playing through the game and having no English just made me want to play the game that much more as you had to focus on what is being said, so you know what to do and what is happening in the story.

The next part you will notice is just how amazing this game looks, I was lucky enough to play through this game at 1080p with a constant frame rate of 65 (I have no idea why 65 instead of 60 it is just what my computer told me was happening) and I couldn’t help myself I just had to say wow. Everything from the way the tree to the animals everything looked like a lot of time and effort was made into making this game as life like as possible. In a lot of cases I would rather look out my window and see the far cry scene instead of a house with a field behind it but unfortunately I can’t do anything about that just yet. Of course far cry 4 looked amazing but that has nothing on the way this looks. I noticed that the best part of this game is when you come out of the water of a cave and the sun is in your eye so your screen basically becomes and massive screen flare but when your eyes get used to the sun the scenery just looks amazing and every time this happens I couldn’t help but wonder how ubisoft was able to make this sort of game.

The story in this game is weird and sometimes you forget what is happening as you will be doing 6 different parts of the story in a different time line at the same time, if that makes any sort of sense. It is up to you to turn the clan you are part of (Wenja) from being the bottom of the list to the very top. You do this by taking down the Udam and Izila clan leaders, but at the same time having other members of your clan give you jobs to make the beast of the wild be tamed by you and help out other people to make your clan stronger. My only problem with this part of the game is that I beat the bosses of both clans within 10 hours of the gameplay but I still had about 4 more hours of story left to go. I wished they wouldn’t let me beat the boss until the rest of the story was completed.

The game played amazingly, I didn’t notice a single glitch that caused the game to break or anything like that which is a problem that Ubisoft seems to struggle with in the assassin creed series. When taming a beast and getting to ride on them there wasn’t any difference with how well the character controlled it all felt seamless.

Obviously I got this game on the steam summer sale so I was lucky to get it for £20 but after playing through the game and still having a little bit left to collect such as the collectables and taming the rest of the beast you can easily get 25 hours out of this game, which means I would very happily pay the £35 it would originally cost. I recommended this game to anyone as even if you have never played a far cry game before this is like the ultimate prequel as nothing is going to link to this game so go out and buy this game trust me you will enjoy.



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  1. Well the game is pretty much a reskin of Far Cry 4 which was a reskin of Far Cry 3.
    I think that was a mistake because many of the mechanics are clearly slightly adjusted mechanics from the modern setting games, while a game set in that era should have been built on a different engine alltogether to match the differences in the tools used.
    That is apparent in the very awkward spear stab animation that seems to be just a placeholder for a real animation that should have been made for it.

    Overall I’d say that the concept is great but the execution lacks in the polish department. Many people had issues with inconsistent framerates and stuttering as well.

    Anyway good review. Check out my blog if you like. Keep it up!

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