Huniepop (PC) Review

This is game I never thought I would ever play, as it personally didn’t look like a game I would be into, I even avoided watching it on youtube as I didn’t want anything to be shown to me. However I saw it on steam for £2.99 and I thought why not give it a go and see what I will be letting myself in for.


This game is about a man who is not having any luck with talking to women, so a sex fairy comes down from another world to help him out and give him advice. She will only be allowed ot leave when he has slept with the 8 best looking women in his area as well as her. To do this he has to go on multiple dates with multiple women and after the 4th date manage to sleep with them once they have come back to his bedroom.

This game is funny at first but it very quickly becomes boring and you find yourself only playing in order to complete the game, of course the game looks great with the models for the girls being amazing and of course they look great seeing how they are the 8 best looking women in the man area. Each of the women have got their own personality you have to get around and make sure you answer the questions correctly in order to get more hunie (game currency for traits) and then money to buy the girls items like food, drink and just gifts in general.

At the beginning the game is very easy as all you have got to do is solve the match 3 puzzle, so you better be good at candy crush or you could be here for a while. There are 10 girls in the normal mode of the game and each girl requires 5 different puzzles in order to sleep with her, so that’s 50 in total and after the 10th puzzle I was bored out of my mind and just kept on playing so I could finish the game and show you lot what kind of game it is.

The music is the worst part of this game and after 20 minutes I gave up and turned the sound off for the game and instead used good old Spotify in order to make my experience playing the game bearable.

You use traits in the game to power up the items in the puzzles making each of them worth more to make the puzzles easier to complete which helped a lot and buy the end I managed to have all traits maxed out and started to just stroll through the whole game. After beating the game I know I won’t be going back to it again, however I might see what hunie pop cam studio is like as it seems to be a sequel to the original game and it would be nice to see what some of the characters are like after you have slept with them,.

I don’t think I would buy this game if it was £6.99 but for £2.99 it wasn’t a bad length of about 5 hours gameplay time but for me there is no replayablity so after I have deleted this game it won’t be coming back.


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