Saints Row 4 (PC) Review

I got this game for free from the first humble bundle monthly and I have been meaning to play it for a long time now, but I never got around to it. But after beating my last two main games in hunie pop and far cry primal I needed something else. So after a while I choose saints row 4 and games finished which means it is time for a review.


I always try and give good reviews on games as I know that the people behind them have spent many months and year in making the game good as possible. So it came to a surprise when I really didn’t like this game at all.

I didn’t like the story at all, it doesn’t seem like the normal saints row kind of story. I played saints row 2 a few years ago and the story behind that game was about rival gangs which I got and actually enjoyed playing a lot. So what happened in saints row 3 for the guy to become the president and then in saints row 4 become the leader of a whole new planet. For me to really like a game there has got to be a good story line and I feel like the writers where just putting in whatever sounded funny.

That is my next point, I have heard from a number of different people that this game is hilarious and a lot fo the time I will be spent laughing on the floor. You know how many time I laughed at this game… 0. I didn’t find any of it funny, the closest thing I could find to a joke was a dick joke the rest was some lame attempt at comedy which just made the story line all that much worse.

This game had so many glitches it was just stupid, I know that the whole game was basically inside of a simulation so you could just say that they were meant to be there but the glitches started happening in the real world to, such as when I jumped over a crate I ended up in it causing me to have to restart my mission. In the mission where you have got to throw CID into the air using your powers it didn’t work causing me to have to restart my mission yet again. This ruins a game pretty quickly so it made my already low opinion even lower.

I will give the game this , I really like the way it looked. It has been some time since I played a game that was cartoon looking so it was a really nice change to do so. I liked the way the characters look and then when the aliens where introduced I like the way they looked as well.

For this game is not worth the £10.99 price tag, so if you can see it for less than £5 then go out and buy it as who knows you might like the game more than I did.


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