PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist (PC) Review

This is a game I saw a few months ago being played by PewDiePie, and at the time I never had any interest in playing his game but I fancied playing a platformer and the best one I could find for a low price and good reviews was this game so I thought why not give it a try and see what I thought of the game. Anyway game is finished so time for a review.


For me one of the main selling points of this game is the amazing looking pixel graphic style it has got going. Because of this it reminds me a lot of Shovel knight, with it being a modern platformer who decided to go with a retro look. While playing through the game I found that the style stays like this the whole way through and each new level just looked better and better. In my personal opinion other platformers need to take a tip from this sort of art as it just makes the game look great.

The way it controlled was another selling point and again I am going to be referencing shovel knight again as that is the best platformer I have played in a long time, however since playing Legend of the Brofist I think it might have a little bit of a contender. It just seemed to control perfect and every time I died I knew straight away that it was my fault and not the game for being too floaty or that the jump distance changed as it clearly didn’t.

Now to go from praising the game to giving all my bad points so this should be fun.

The voice acting in this game is terrible, and to be honest I was expecting something amazing especially coming from some of the biggest youtubers. This game has got Jacksepticeye, markipliar, cutiepie and pewdiepie and each and every one of them was terrible when it came to voice acting. I was expecting some exictment but instead all I could hear was some guy reading into a microphone with no emotion the closest it got to was Jacksepticeye and that is because he sounds exicted doing anything. I think that is why I ended up playing as him as soon as he became a playable character.

The story is also just horrible and half the time it feels like the game is just making up what happens on the go. I know that in platformers the story is not the most important part but if you are going to have one then at least try and make it a good one (just like shovel knight did).

There are a lot of references to the PewDiePie channel in this game some of which I reconigsed and was nice to have alittle laugh about but some of them must be older then a couple of years because I had no idea what was happening in the game. Of course the biggest reference of all was BARRELS seeing how the main enemy of the game was BARRELS you can bet youll be seeing them a lot.

Overall this game controls and looks amazing but the voice acting and the story really let it down in something that could have been an amazing game. With the play time being about 2 hours and the game cost £5.99 I don’t really think it is worth it so wait for the game to go on sale before you buy it try and get as much value for your money as possible.


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