Guacamelee (PC) Review

This is another one of those games I have had for some time now and never really felt like playing, well that was until I decided on going through my library on steam and trying to get through as many as I could before I buy new games. This is the first game I completed since then so it is time for a review.


The reason why I like this game as much as I do is for three reasons. The first reasons are because of the graphic style, I love how it takes inspiration for Mexican wrestling cartoon shows and makes it is own games with it. The story does follow the same kind of premise with the main character being a lover of wrestling and when the girl who has had a crush on for a long time gets kidnapped he then becomes a wrestler and fights anyone who tries to get in the way of him getting the person he loves back. This is one of the best styles I have seen in an indie video game for a long time and I love it.

The second reason is because of the music, a lot of people know that in a lot of cases I don’t like the music in games as I don’t think it fits with the style of the game and sometimes the music is just annoying and I would rather listen to a playlist on Spotify. This is not the case with this games as I fell in love with the music in this game. I really liked the catchy songs and I found myself humming along a few times while traveling from one area to another. Not only that but I loved the sound that was played whenever a boss battle was about to happen and an old style cartoon fight scene screen came on it all just seemed to fit perfectly.

The final thing I loved about this game is the gameplay, everything just seemed to be programmed to perfection. This is a great thing as if it wasn’t then you wouldn’t be able to beat the game as a lot of it all comes down to split-second execution otherwise you won’t be making that jump or you won’t be getting that final punch on a boss in before him kills you (that’s how I beat the last boss of the game  he was about to attack me but I got a quick punch in and defeated him just).

One thing, if you are playing on PC then dear god DO NOT PLAY ON THE KEYBOARD, I have seen a few games tell me that a controller is recommended but I don’t listen so I try and play with my keyboard and sometimes it works just fine but I tried with Guacamelee and trust me it is basically impossible to get all the right moves into one sequence. Use a controller as it makes for a better experience and you will be able to beat the game.

For me this game is well worth the £9.99 I payed for it as even though you can complete it in 4 hours the overall experince has left me feeling great about beating the story and has made me look at other games made by the same devolopers. So if you can go out and buy this game it will be worth while.


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