Yo-Kai Watch (3DS) Review

This is a game I have been trying to finish for some time and only recently found the time to be able to do so. Now the game has been completed so it is time for a review.


When this game first game out a lot of people were comparing it to Pokémon and that is why it was getting as much hype as it did. But after a while the hype died down and a lot of people didn’t bother that much with the game. I had preordered the game so I got it when it was released in the UK but after not hearing anything about it for a while I put the game on the back burner and didn’t play it for a long time. So I didn’t have any high expectations of what this game was going to be like but I was still in the middle after finishing this game.

The way this game looks is amazing and I couldn’t fault it at all, if anything this is one of the better looking games on the 3ds. It felt a lot like playing an actual anime/cartoon as even though the cut scenes did look betters in a more HD video it wasn’t that big of a difference. The battle scene was great and all the Yo-kai looked amazing and made the game more enjoyable because of it. It was also because of a few small details that made the game look and actually feel smoother then it probably is. Such as when you enter a house your shoes come off and are put to the side and when you go back outside your shoes come back on in a seamless animation.

I do like the story in this game as you have to make sure that both the human world and the Yo-kai world don’t get overtaken by an evil Yo-kai who wants to control both worlds. This story is a lot better then anything Pokémon have ever done which for me is a great thing and as I have got older is one of the reasons why I have fallen out of love with the Pokémon games.

Now onto the bad parts, the first one I have got to mention in the battling in this game. At first I thought this was a really unique idea with you being able to switch out your whole team of 3 for another team of 3 easily. That was until I found out that they won’t be attacking every turn, they instead might miss a turn because they don’t feel like battling half way through or they use a pointless status element that doesn’t affect bosses in the middle of a boss battle which basically wastes a turn. I cannot tell you how often I have had a Yo-kai be able to kill an enemy with just one more hit but instead of doing it they decided to have a nap and do nothing and because it’s the enemy’s turn to battle next they kill the Yo-kai it is just stupid.

The second point is that in the cut scenes of the game they had voice acting and it was really good and I enjoyed watching them but when it came back to actual gameplay they keep the voice acting which was a major let down for me. Why wouldn’t you keep the voice acting through the whole game which would make for a much more enjoyable play through?

Overall this game is good but is not worth the £28 that they want for the game, if you can get one for half price or even for £20 then pick it up as you will get a good 15 hours play time and a good game to go with it.


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