Earn To Die 2 (PC) Review

I have tot no idea why I paid money for this game when you are able to play it for free online, and in fact it is what I used to do in my ICT Lessons because I had nothing better to do. So is this game worth the £3.99 I paid for it?


The story behind this game is that you have got to make your way from one end of America to the other end you do this by finding different cars and making upgrades to your car that will allow you to not only get to the other side of America but also make it past the stream of zombies that are coming to kill you.

This game is probably the biggest waste of money I have spent in a long time, I could go to the shop spend £3.99 on a pack of sweets and ill have a better time than I did when I was playing this game. at first I was loving playing it as it gave me fond memories of playing the game while not doing anything in class, but after beating the first level that is when everything started to go down hill. It is so repetitive, I could literally lie on my bed keep my finger pressed on the accelerator and watch a youtube video and 9/10 I would make it as far as I possibly could on my current upgrade set up. So imagine how bored I was by the time I go the 10th level and doing the same thing 300+ times. I really didn’t want to keep on playing this game but I won’t write a review on a game I haven’t finished so I kept making myself play the game.

The music in this game is utter arse and to be honest I stopped playing it after the first few runs through the game I went to the settings and switched the sound off so I would be able to watch youtube videos on my other screen and not be disturbed by the sound of the game. for me I didn’t really seem to go well with the game and it was a latch ditch thought to put some music behind the sound of dying zombies so they put the first thing they found.

At first I thought that the game looked great graphically really cartoony while trying to keep your attention but that is when I noticed that the background is the exact same throughout the level, it changes level to level but no matter how far you go on the run it will still be the exact same place as where you started. I found this o be very cheap and as I paid £3.99 I expected a lot more from this, just something that wasn’t a copy and paste job.

Sure this game is great when you don’t pay for it and are able to play it while your teacher is talking nonsense about stuff any 11 year old knows about computers but as soon as you put a single penny into this game then you have spent far too much and should consider asking for your money back.


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