Grow Home (PC) Review

I have no idea how long this game has been sitting in my steam library for, I had forgotten I even had the game so once I downloaded it and finished the game I had to start my review of it so here we go.


The story of this game is that you control a little robot that has been sent to a remote planet and has the responsibility to grow the star plant, this will oxygenate the planet making it liveable. That the whole story which for me is pretty boring and caused me not to pay attention to what was being said by the narrator as it all seemed pointless.

The way this game looks is amazing and I can’t fault it even a little bit as it simply looks amazing and could easily be one of the best looking games I have ever played. The way everything is just so bright and when you turn the camera around and be able to see ever little detail is fantastic.

I have heard a lot of people praise this game and say how amazing it is and how unique it is, for me I found it to be a boring, glitchy game that after an hour or so makes you want to stop playing. The character doesn’t control properly making the game harder than it really should be. Because of the character being so hard to control you will find yourself falling off platforms a lot and as its not your fault you will end up getting angry at the game. I actually took a 2 week break from this game because I couldn’t even make myself keep on playing because I found it to be that bad I couldn’t see the point of making myself do something I didn’t want to do.

The sounds that come from this game are pretty good, have the robot character make noises every now and then bring you back into the game and make you realise that you are only controlling a robot. I will admit I didn’t notice the much all that much, so I cant really comment on that but I did notice that when you get the star plant to grow the sound that it makes is actually quite satisfying as it means you are getting closer and closer to reaching your final goal.

I noticed a lot of glitches in this game and almost all of them involved passing through objects that I shouldn’t of done. For example one time when I fell of the star plant I was aiming for a lower section of the plant and where I should of hit it right in the centre I passed right through. This happened again but instead of the plant I aimed for an island, in which I had just walked across to help reach my goal, when I fell towards it I didn’t hit the island I instead passed right through it causing me to lose a lot of progress when I died.

For me this game feels like it was rushed and not a lot of time was put into the overall programming hence why I kept falling through the objects. This game could have been amazing if more time was put into, or even if just the character could be controlled properly. I don’t recommend this game, I didn’t enjoy it and don’t want people to play it to realise the same thing.


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