Re-Made by Alex Scarrow Review

This is a book I only got because it was part of the Waterstones buy one and get one half price sale and I didn’t like the look of any of the other books that were part of the deal other than this and The Prey. So with the book being finished it is time for a review.


The Story

Leon and his younger sister, Grace, have recently moved to London from New York and are struggling to settle into their new school when rumours of an unidentified virus in Africa begin to fill the news. Within a week the virus hits London. The siblings witness people turning to liquid before their eyes, and they run for their lives. A month after touching Earth’s atmosphere the virus has assimilated the world’s biomass. But the virus isn’t their only enemy, and survival is just the first step . . .

Taken from Goodreads

I didn’t know anything about this book before I started to read it, and for me that made the anticipation of reading that much better as I wanted to know what it was going to be about and going from the cover of the book all I knew was that it might have spiders in it. After reading it, I have got to say that I’m not only scared of going to sleep tonight as dear god I am almost certainly going to have nightmares but also at the same time I can’t wait for the sequel to be released so I can get back into the story.

This book maybe YA but don’t expect this to be like every other YA book out there as the only thing that I can see that is different from this to adult fantasy book is that there is no swearing (yes it annoyed me). It creeped me out from the start, of course the virus that is causing people to turn into liquid was pretty horrible for me it was the way the humans who survived who scared me the most. I think this is because it could actually happen people who become paranoid and start not to trust anyone other than themselves.

I loved reading this book and I just wanted to keep reading, I wanted to find out more about how the virus was reproducing or being able to remake different organisms. The world in which Alex Scarrow made is fantastic and is a world that I know everyone doesn’t want to be a part of ever but probably couldn’t stop reading about.

Overall I loved this book; I loved the way everything was set out. How we got whole chapter dedicated to how the virus was thinking in different locations and how they were able to create the different organism. I also enjoyed when we got to read what Leon was writing in his dairy to his dad as it give us more information into what is happening in his mind. Plus it was a great way to advance a few days but still give us all the information that we would want. I recommended this book to people who want to be freaked out but also have a strong stomach as I am sure you will need one.




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