Applock (Mobile App) Review

I was reached out by the people who own the App Applock for an honest review of the app, I didn’t get paid so everything I say in this review is 100% my own opinion.


What this app does is allows you to put some extra protection onto your phone. Instead of just having a password to be entered to get onto your phone, with this app you are able to have an extra layer of protection on your applications. For example, if you have some risky photos on your phone and don’t want people to know about them then you will be able to either put a password on your gallery app or even put those risky photos into vault on the actual Applock app. If you put the photos into the vault it will remove those pictures from your gallery and instead puts them into a password protected vault. So you can still show your pictures to your friends without having to worry about them swiping left.


I mainly use this app for when I go out with a few friends for a couple of drinks, this is because I always seem to leave my phone somewhere and the majority of the time it is unlocked. However with the Applock app I don’t worry about people using my twitter or Facebook to send messages or put status up about random stuff as I know that they won’t be able to get through the password I have put onto the apps. A good feature I found was that you are able to choose which apps have got the password on and are able to take it off again very easily by simply going into the actual Applock app. For me I hate putting passwords in so when I get home I can simply take the password off and be able to use my phone like normal.

The app itself is very easy to install as you can simply go to your app store and type Applock and it will be the top of the searches. It currently has got 100 million downloads and an average rating of 4.2 which is pretty amazing, and to be honest I can see why.


Some people might use this app every single day and they will find it worth it and some people like myself will use it on certain occasions like going on a night out. But either way people are always going to find a use for it even if it just for the hiding the risky pictures.

If you want to download the app yourself, here is a link that will take you straight to the app store page



App Review


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