Dirt Showdown (PC) Review

I don’t even remember why I own this game on steam as I have never been a fan of racing games, but I got bored one afternoon and decided to give it a go. Well 10 hours later and I have finished the game and it is time for a review.


Like I said before I have never been a lover of racing games, I just never got the appeal and that thought stuck with me the whole time I was playing this game. I never found myself actually having fun and after a while I found myself just playing so that I would be able to add it to my completed games section in my steam library. For me to love a game then it has got to have a great story but even just having something to aim for at the end would be great and this game doesn’t have that. You basically are thrown into a racing tournament and just need to win the races to advance to through the levels. That’s it, the only different really is that with every new chapter the races get more difficult but still no more fun.

The way this game looks is great and I cant fault it on that, of course it doesn’t look releastic but I have the feeling that they weren’t aiming for that effect. Everything was all bright and colourful during the daytime races and when it came to the night time a lot more balcks and dark blue were used but still looked great. There are a lot of lense flares in this game but most of the time it is trying to get you to feel like you are racing and the sun is in your eyes, even though the effect doesn’t really work it is still a nice feature to have.

The game plays okay, it is not the best controlling game in the world but it is also not the worst. A lot of the time I felt like I controlled every part of the car which in a racing game is important but there were other times where I felt the game was making its own decisions to make it harder for me like making me turn wider than normal so I would hit a wall or a barrier. I know your probably thinking that it was just me making a bad turn but I had just done a race on the same track a few races beforehand a no mistakes where made there, if anything I was going slower into this corner but still I seemed to have a turning circle wider then the grand canyon.

I didn’t like this game, not because it’s a bad game just because is repetitive, the whole time I felt like I had done this race before against these same players (there are only 7 default racers in the game so be prepared to see the same name again and again) and the same result happened. If you like racing games then maybe this could be for you but for me it was a waste of money if I paid for it and if not then well I just wasted 10 hours of my life playing a game I didn’t even enjoy.



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