SEUM Speedrunners from Hell (PC) Review

This is a game I found from watching one of jacksepticeyes videos and after falling in love with the concept I went and bought it straight away and have only just finished it. So its time for the review.


The story is pretty simple, weird and funny as we have the main character who is a redneck metal head who is listening to music but the devil takes all his beer but after cutting the devils arm off takes his arm and attaches it to himself where he can use the devils powers. He then goes through numerous levels finding a can of beer in each one and trying to beat the level in a certain amount of time before the portal closes.

As you can probably tell from the title this game involves platforming through hell but doing it as fast as possible so you are able to catch up with the devil and get your important beer back from him. So it is going to be pretty important for the gameplay to be up to scratch otherwise this could be a very long and hard game. I would say that the way this game controls is about an 8 out of 10 as its not perfect but its not horrible as I can still control the character pretty well just every now and then it seems like the character cant jump as high or run as fast which means you have to get used to the character again in order to be able to complete the levels. I didn’t notice quiet a few times then when I pressed a button it wouldn’t register, this could be when I turn left or try and jump multiple times in a row half the time it didn’t seem to work. For me this is a big issue in a platforming game especially when it’s basically a big time trial.

The levels in this game where all different and required a different way of solving the route to get the best possible time, and they did it perfectly. Normally while playing platformers I find myself getting bored quickly as it seems like they copy and paste a few levels with minor differences but they don’t do that in this game each level felt so different from the last it actually made me look forward to playing the game. Most days it would be the only game I would play as I wanted to complete each level to find out what the next level would be. Some levels you can do in 1-3 tries but others are most likely going to take you 100+ tries to make sure you get the perfect run and get to the portal just in time.

Now the music in this game is perfect for me as its full of rock, I loved listening to the soundtrack that much that I got annoyed what the narrator spoke as the music wasn’t as loud at that point. If you aren’t into rock then this is going to be a fun game for you as that is the only genre of music that gets played.

For me this game was really fun with a big challenge in trying to beat each of the levels and find the beer in each level as well just made for a great experience. Obviously the controls not working 100% of the time do get annoying and put the game rating down a little bit but the soundtrack really helps add up that score. I recommend this game to anyone especially as it has a low price of below £10.


Game Review


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